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Legalization of Weed in many US States Results in more Weed Gifts

It is no longer news that recreational use of weed is legal in 8 US states including California. This festive season, a lot of weed gifts have been delivered across the 8 states. Studies show increase in pot sales for December, and we expect more as we enter Christmas week. While not everyone has reason to smile this Christmas, most California weed lovers have. Gift giving is largely embraced in weed culture, and its new legal status has caused much celebration among owners of marijuana dispensaries, weed growers, and other industry stakeholders in the four states. Last year, voters in Maine, California, Massachusetts, and Nevada voted to legalize use of cannabis for recreational purposes. Many types of foodstuffs have been infused with weed for presentation as gifts this Christmas, such as weed-infused cakes. In these four states, weed is no longer a substance to smoke in the closet or behind …

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