weed in California

Californians Welcome Recreational Pot in Style

While California legalized pot for medical use in 1996, it only legalized recreational pot on Monday. Californians were justified with the celebratory blunts, fanfare and all other celebrations to mark the event as to some believe the state has taken too long to legalize recreational pot, given some other states including Alaska had already done it. Many businesses have not obtained weed licenses yet for various reasons. In some cities and counties, the process of licensing has not yet finalized, while others have banned sale of recreational pot in their areas of jurisdiction. Also, some of the existing marijuana dispensaries that were used with to the lax weed laws for medical marijuana are finding it hard to comply with the new stricter laws for recreational pot. As this industry is expected to grow to an estimated $7 billion annually, many large businesses are getting interested. If big businesses invest in …

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