Weed Infused Wine

California Company Invents Alcohol - Free Weed-Infused Wine

Almost every individual that drinks alcohol will admit that the worst part of it, especially after having taken a lot of drinks, is hangover. While the simplest solution for hangover is taking only a few drinks, not many people can effectively set and stick to a drinking limit. Fortunately, one California Company, “Rebel Coast Winery” has found a solution. It is time you say bye to the banging headache that follows drinking! You may wonder why we pay such great attention to this specific drink yet we already have other weed-infused consumables including weed-infused alcoholic drinks, hemp milk with CBD oil, weed-infused coffee pods, frozen pizzas sprinkled with marijuana, and cannabis-infused pumpkin spice chocolate. The first problem with such products is the consumers rely on cannabis delivery companies to get them shipped, as they cannot be found in unlicensed stores. Secondly, weed-infused alcoholic drinks can’t actually get someone high due …

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