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How to create Marijuana Shatter, Crumble, Wax and other Cannabis Concentrates

Recreational Marijuana is now legal in some regions around the United States and the trend to decriminalize this drug is now gaining momentum all over the country. With this, in place, there is a growing need for products related to marijuana due to expanding markets. In light recreational weed legalization, the extraction of cannabinoids from cannabis into different products is the process which has acquired fame over the past six years. The typical products which are extracted include a shutter, crumble, wax and dabs all of which have different uses, extraction processes and the ways in which they are consumed. Many questions are asked by different people on how these products are extracted from cannabis and the effect in which each of them has on one’s body. This article will show painless and easy steps of making shatter, crumble and wax from cannabis. Shatter Shatter is the purest and strongest …

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