Weed Reforms

How Legal Weed Will Affect New Jersey’s Economy

New Jersey is on the cusp of making its weed laws friendlier. Senate President Steve Sweeney, a Democrat from Gloucester County, said in September that a bill to legalize recreational marijuana was “98 percent done.” He expects it to pass this fall. Legislative twists and turns have been characterizing the halls of Trenton for some time now. The cannabis industry is about to win a new state. What does this mean for New Jersey? Economically. Cannabis Legalization has had a huge impact on the economies of states such as California, Massachusetts, Colorado, Maine, and others that have taken the plunge, and notably for the better. More people have jobs. There is more money for fiscal coffers. There is money to build and implement programs that improve the lives of many. Impact of Legal Weed Laws According to a study conducted by the Institute of Cannabis Research at Colorado State University …

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