Workout while high

10 Things You Must Be Aware About Getting High Before Workout

Experts in the field of physical fitness and clinicians hold a common view that cannabis can help create what is called the runner’s high. According to WebMD, runner’s high refers to the psychological wellbeing associated with those long-duration, rhythmic kind of exercises such as marathons. There are various theories that try to explain what happens during a runner’s high state, and they touch on changes in neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine or hormones such as endorphin. There is also another theory that links runner’s high effect to elevated body temperature. A research conducted by a team led by P.B. Sparling at the University of California has suggested that endocannabinoids may too be involved in the runner’s high phenomenon. In a runner’s high state, an athlete feels good- it boosts their mood, raises energy levels, relieves anxiety and makes an individual feel relaxed and calm. This article examines some …

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