Technological Impacts on the Cannabis Industry

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Technology is one of the ways that businesses these days thrive.  Whether it is using technology to reach a wider audience or going paperless, companies are growing.  One industry that is surprisingly benefiting from technology is cannabis.  Marijuana has come a long way and in order to adapt with the times it has had to take advantage of technology.  From using apps for weed delivery to technologically advanced ways to smoke marijuana, weed is moving up.  Here are some of that ways that technological advances have had an impact on the cannabis industry.

  1. Paying for product

In the past, marijuana transactions were strictly cash only.  Since the legalization of marijuana in many states, certain changes had to be made.  The changes were due to the way each state would regulate sales for tax purposes.  While some states still don’t allow for credit card transactions when it comes to marijuana sales, there is a way around this.  Many dispensaries have a system where they can accept debit card transactions but it works much like an ATM.  This means that all days have to be in increments of $5.

When it comes to other services like weed delivery, you’re covered as well.  Many online weed delivery services offer more choices when it comes to payment as well.  While cash does still seem to be the preferred method of payment, now you have options.

  1. Online dispensaries

Perhaps the coolest way that technology has integrated with the marijuana industry is through online dispensaries.  Services like “marijuana delivery near me” searches have changed the game for both clients and owners.  These services have cut out the middle man and the hassle when it comes to obtaining your medication.  More than that, there are a one stop shop for everything you need when it comes to cannabis.  From doctors to information, these online weed delivery services would not exist without technology.

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With technology, services like these are able to keep a closer contact with their patients.  This has helped to mainstream communication as well as personal preferences.  Online dispensaries can now adapt and learn through algorithms.  This way the cannabis industry becomes much more of a business to that can bend and adapt to the needs of their clients.

  1. Cannabis gadgets

One big way to see how technology is working in the cannabis industry is in the innovate products that are available.  Cannabis enthusiasts are constantly looking for new ways to smoke marijuana.  From vaporizing pens to dabbing glass pipes, things are forever changing.  This momentum has not gone unnoticed.  Many people are trying to fuse technology with cannabis through production and have come up with some amazing inventions.

Last year many of these state-of-the-art cannabis products were presented at cannabis conventions to the awe of the audience.  They included new vaporizing machines as well as self-heating bongs.  Discovering the new ways that innovators are creating products is one of the best ways to see the merging of technology.

  1. Apps

The most popular way that technology has fused with cannabis is apps.  Smart phones have become much more than just phones.  They not only link us with everything in our lives, they link us with people as well.  Through social networking and discovery, marijuana has been able to claim their stake in this fast-moving market.  One way this is true is by integrating cannabis with search engines.  There are plenty of apps that will show where you can get marijuana depending on where you are now.  Using the same idea behind “marijuana delivery near me” searches, companies can have a direct link to your life though your phone.

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It just doesn’t stop at weed delivery either.  Using the location services of your phone, these apps can tailor your experience.  They can not only show you where to find marijuana but also can give you a product breakdown.  Some applications even customize your results based on your personal preferences.  This is also a great way to stay connected with other marijuana enthusiasts as well.  Social media for stoners is a great way to find people to meet up with as well as trade insider information.  Through these applications you can also search through thousands of strain reviews.  Want to know more about where your product came from?  Some of these services offer detailed growing guides so that you can learn everything about your favorite brand of bud.

Final thoughts

From weed delivery to social marijuana networking; technology has you covered.  Growing through technology is nothing new but finding new ways to incorporate it is exactly what the cannabis industry has done.  The services that technology have brought us, like weed delivery, are meant to make your lives easier.  More than that, they also allow you to have more control over your cannabis experience.  With so many new innovations coming out, this makes us excited to see what will be next.  Take care.

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