The Do’s and Don’ts to be a Productive Stoner

tips to be a productive stoner


Being a productive stoner is more than just having fun at parties and enjoying a smoke session with your friends. People are able to live productive lives while still being high. This includes still successfully doing your job while balancing your home life. If this is something that you are hoping to perfect, keep on reading.

Here are the do’s and don’ts to follow in order to be a productive stoner and member of society.

The Do’s

A great place to start when learning how to be a productive stoner is with what you should be doing. Here are some tips to help keep you on track:

  • Keep Moving

Sometimes there is nothing better than smoking a joint and planting yourself on the couch for eight hours. But, in order to be a productive stoner, it is important to remember to keep your body moving. The best way to fight off the couch slump is to get up and go. Keep your appointments and move forward with your plans to run errands. When you keep going you are ensuring that you’re moving your plans, and your day, forward.

  • Buy Your Weed the Right Way

You’re not a teenager anymore. You no longer have to find a dealer on the corner and hope that you get the semi-quality product. You’re an adult now, so buy your weed like an adult. Depending on the state you live in, this may first require you to obtain a medical marijuana card. Not only does this help to support local marijuana dispensary, it will keep you safe.

  • Pace Yourself
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While it is important to keep moving, it is most important to take it slow. Don’t put too much on your plate. If you keep your goals reasonable you will be more likely to be successful. Also, if you have busy days make sure to schedule breaks.

  • Fuel Up

Munchies are a natural part of any productive stoner’s life, so remember to fuel up. Chances are you will be indulging in chips and other munchies favorites but try other stuff too. Maybe throw in some sweet fruits in the mix or some rich proteins.

  • Stay Organized

Even the most productive of stoners will drop the ball every once and a while. The best way to combat the space brain is to make a list. Keep track of all the events and plans you have on your plate for the day. This way you can stay on track and crush your day like a true productive stoner.

The Don’ts

Like everything in life, being a productive stoner needs balance. Here are things that you should avoid doing if you want to live your best stoner life.

  • Don’t Be Weird

Nothing turns people off more than a weird stoner. You know the type, the high guy at the party who keeps everyone down with constant yelling and chatter. Don’t be that guy.

  • Don’t Get Too High Before Work

While it is perfectly fine for seasoned stoners to smoke up before work, you need to know your limits. If you overdo it you won’t be able to live your best productive life. This could also lead you to lose focus and may even cause you to lose your job.

  • Don’t Plan for Failure
See also  Concentration of THC Varies Among the Different Users of Cannabis

Make sure to set practical goals for yourself. Don’t put too much on your plate because that is one sure way to set yourself up for failure. Keep it reasonable and take it slow. With more practice at the productive stoner life, you will be able to add more on over time.

  • Don’t Drive

One of the most important things to remember when being a productive stoner is to not drive. This goes hand in hand with knowing your limits. While yes, you can legally drive as long as you stay under the limit, it’s a fine line. While starting your journey to being a productive stoner opt for the bus instead. Putting your own life or the life of others in danger is the opposite of being a successful stoner.

Final Thoughts

Being a productive stoner is more than kicking back with a joint and going about your day. Productive stoners are able to hold down their jobs while still being able to nurture friendships. The key is to always know your limits and plan ahead. Also, being a productive stoner means knowing when to say “no”. If you have a particularly big day ahead of you, maybe save the bong for after your workday ends. At the end of the day as long as you are staying on track while still enjoying cannabis, you won.

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  1. Avatar for Antony Antony September 29, 2017 / 6:37 am / Reply

    Yeah, This is awesome direction. I would like to share with my friends..

  2. Avatar for jammmy watson jammmy watson September 30, 2017 / 3:34 am / Reply

    Be productive Be stoner … 🙂

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