Elderly Swing Vote In Florida for Medical Marijuana. Will it Suffice?

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana in Florida is facing such a big battle and the elderly in the land are believed to posses the answer to end it. In about three weeks, the state of having a medical marijuana dispensary is about to be known in this wonderful State. Both the opponents in the vote are fighting hard to get the votes from the senior citizens, which are considered to be the deciding vote. This is expected to take center stage in round two of Amendment 2. Back in 2014, Amendment 2 almost succeeded after it got a 57% support in what was seen as a let down from the senior citizens. Of all the voters who engaged in the process, only 38% of voters aged 65 years and above voted in favor of it. The required percentage for it to pass was 60%.

Looking back at what happened last time, the seniors are apparently becoming the determinants in this much contested vote for at least making it possible to have a medical marijuana dispensary for patients. Recent reports still show some reluctance from some of these elderly people to support medical marijuana. Some however are for it. It is indeed a battle of and among the elderly and the advocates for medical marijuana can only hope that things will turn around for their good.

The trending belief right now is that, the advocates for a medical marijuana dispensary can change the minds of these senior citizens. By doing so, they believe that Amendment 2 will pass without any issues. According to United for Care, almost every other age group gave at least a 60% vote in support of Amendment 2. This is how the different groups performed: 45-to-64 group: 60%, 30-to-44 group: 65% with the 18-to-29 group scoring the highest: 79%. Essentially Amendment 2 is doing lots of commercials in many of the shows that are loved by seniors such as Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. This is done with the hope that they will at least change their position on having medical weed and a marijuana dispensary for ill persons.

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Additionally, chief campaigners are conducting senior forums for education all over the state looking forward to get this support. Once passed, the amendment would permit doctors from a marijuana dispensary to prescribe medical marijuana for ailing patients, particularly with a devastating medical situation. This way, they will be able to get it from a marijuana dispensary regulated by the department of health. Medical marijuana has been found to offer up a solution to ailing patients and that is why the proponents of the move to accept it are in the fore front trying to support it.

Those against amendment 2 are not convinced that this will purely be for medical reasons and that it is a pathway of legalizing cannabis. They believe that with amendment 2, people from all age groups will start to smoke weed carelessly and they are not ready for that. For this reason and seeing what happened back in 2014, the seniors’ vote has become very important. Jeff Brandes, senator of the Bay area comes out as the only Republican considering the incumbent medical pot law broken. He believes that the government failed a great deal in fixing it.

As the voting lies in wait, patients in Florida cannot access their much needed treatment that could enhance their welfare and general life quality from a licensed marijuana dispensary. Apparently, bureaucracy and litigation have been the major impediments towards the legalization of medical cannabis in Florida. Once the Amendment 2 is passed in Florida, the people of the land will be able to start all over again and get a free market for their weed. Definitely, this must be supported with strict regulations that guarantee the access to weed related treatment for ailing people who may get help from it.

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