The Great Debate On Marijuana And Your Health

marijuana and your health

For decades marijuana has been viewed as a dangerous drug and the gateway to destruction. Recently even the biggest of skeptics are starting to turn around on this topic. This could be because of the studies that show that marijuana can be beneficial to your health. This wasn’t an accident either. Outspoken members of the cannabis community have worked tirelessly to change people’s minds. But, will new studies start to erase all of the progress they have made?

Just this week information came out claiming that marijuana can have a surprisingly negative effect on your health. While this study is still new, the claims are shocking to say the least. The claim is that people who use marijuana are more likely to have heart problems like hypertension later in life.

This study was done by The European Society of Cardiology. According to SAGE Journals people who use marijuana regularly are three times more likely to have high blood pressure. It is this high blood pressure that can lead to hypertension and be a greater risk for heart attack. This is because this study shows that when on THC the heart rate increases. Some studies even show that the heart rate can even increase as high as 100 more beats per minute. This increase can even last for hours.

While the science is there, some people are still skeptical about the results. Yes, an increased heart rate can be a danger thing, but is it always fatal? For example, people who exercise regularly have the same effect on their heart. In that case an increased heart rate helps to burn calories and fat while building strength.

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If you are wondering about whether or not this study was done with bias, fear not. This study is not another example of conservative propaganda. They took ever measure to make sure that the tests were done fairly. They chose people from all different backgrounds, ages and health statuses. They even included smokers and non-smokers in their study for good measure.

The biggest question that people have is, does this change anything? Will this be the fuel that enemies of the cannabis community need to shut it down? More importantly, what does this study mean for the legalization of marijuana? While this study does raise some questions, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down the marijuana movement.
While these findings are alarming, it does not erase all of the good that comes from medical marijuana. After all, there is nothing in this world that comes without risk. So, does the positives out weight the potential risk?

You can’t ignore the amazing headway that marijuana has been making. It is finally being recognized as the golden child of medical research. From being used to treat cancer and other problems like anxiety, you can’t ignore the health benefits. The risks are nothing new for modern medicine either. You can’t watch a commercial for the latest pill without hearing a list of risks.

It isn’t all bad news either. While this study has shown that there is an increased heart rate, it did rule out other problems as well. This study did show that there is no direct link between smoking marijuana and other serious health problems. Most importantly, there is no data to show that using marijuana can lead to strokes and other heart problems.

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While the negative information may seem overwhelming, it is important to focus on the positive. The fact that the effects of marijuana are still being observed is a positive thing. This means that people are finally taking marijuana as a medicine seriously and are working to improve the outlook. It should also be said that this study was not done perfectly either. The researchers say in order for the data to be pure they need to test a wider group of people. Whatever the final outcome may be, don’t let this discourage you from fighting the good fight for decriminalization. There is never a fight that comes without a setback. Good luck.

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  1. Avatar for maschetaz maschetaz August 13, 2017 / 10:40 am / Reply

    Wow!! That”s Great discussion. I think this article mentioned details about it.

  2. Avatar for raman raman August 14, 2017 / 12:54 pm / Reply

    People are finally taking marijuana as a medicine seriously and are working to improve the outlook. Its positive indicator for us.

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