The Most Powerful People in Medical Marijuana Industry

Ricardo Baca

The marijuana industry in America is booming. People have started to take cannabis very seriously and are open to its medical benefits. By no means has this been an easy struggle. To reach this point, proponents have battled against a stubborn system and unconvinced people for several years. Unfortunately, the struggle hasn’t ended yet. While many states have taken a positive step towards medical marijuana legalization, there are several that haven’t. But some people are unwilling to give up and they are:

Medical Marijuana Industry

Ricardo Baca

 Ricardo Baca is the world’s first marijuana editor and the creator of The Cannabist. Everyone who likes or consumes marijuana has read ‘The Cannabist’ at least once. This publication is a major force in the industry and looks to enlighten people about local marijuana, analysis of the industry, and its regulations.

Justin Gover

There are many people who believe that marijuana can’t be used to treat medical ailments. Justin Gover would prove them wrong. He’s the CEO of GW Pharmaceuticals; it’s based in the U.K and is a biopharmaceutical company that has experimented with cannabis-derived medications, for several years now. Recently, the company developed a drug called Epidiolex that treats a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome. This medicine uses cannabidiol, which is found in cannabis. He clearly proves that marijuana does have medical benefits.

Steve Deangelo

Steve Deangelo is a well-known name in the medical and recreational marijuana industry. He established Harborside Health Center in Oakland about 10 years ago and that was one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries. He’s also the founder of ArcView, an investor network of the cannabis industry. This organization has raised a significant amount of money for the industry.

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There are several other influential people like Snoop Dog, Lori Ajax, Keith Stroup, etc, who hold great sway in the marijuana industry.

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