Promising CA Medical Marijuana Market to Receive Expertise from Israelis

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California continues to make preparations for a time of legal cannabis use and trade. Meanwhile, Israel is notably emerging as a prospective overseas partner in upcoming marijuana-related businesses. Well, it is not the first time California is establishing its laws on marijuana use. The initial measure that allowed the use of medical weed in the state was passed in 1996. Through this bill, medical marijuana patients started to buy marijuana to treat their conditions under the supervision of a licensed medical practitioner. During the 2016 elections, California passed proposition 64 that made recreational marijuana legal. As a result of this victory for marijuana supporters, there seemingly are many partners coming from different parts of the world to help this industry thrive by all means. One of the newest entrants to this weed industry in California is Israel. According to the New York Times, Israel is a known leader in medical studies especially researching into the health benefits of cannabis.

Presently, Israel was reportedly doing a number of clinical trials more than the United States of America. According to one of the Israeli experts, this was a ridiculous thing. As California along with other state jurisdictions, decriminalizing cannabis growing, Israel is going further to expand these efforts overseas. Ideally, there are over 25 states in the U.S. that have legalized weed for medical purposes. Several others have passed laws that allow the recreational growing, processing, transportation, distribution and sale of marijuana. In California, cannabis dispensaries provide marijuana for sale online to licensed medical marijuana patients. Despite these developments, that are 20 years old now since the inception in California, the United States still regards the substance as illegal. Under the federal laws, marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 substance and this has limited further research on the drug. This is something that shocked the Israelis who were determined to market marijuana at all costs. America has had first-hand experiences of list people who have benefited from medical marijuana. However, the nation is still not relaxed with marijuana laws at the federal level.

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The new expansion by Israel is paradoxically being led by the ultra-Orthodox health minister of Israel who is currently lifting any restrictions that had pegged the number of marijuana growers at a minimum of eight throughout the country. Together with the increased awareness of the advantages of the substance, revenue collections by the government are creating some interest to expand medical cannabis growing.  Weed is still illegal in Israel except for anyone who wants it for medical purposes. In that case, medical marijuana delivery services have been stocking cannabis products to sell to those in need of treating chronic health conditions.  All the same, the country is making considerations to use this study edge to market the marijuana product for medical use internationally. Still, there are a number of concerns raised concerning these Israelis: some of their more conventional medical organizations and firms are still reluctant to being part of the party. This was worrisome for marijuana supporters who defined the situation as a lack of knowledge. The police keep worrying about leakage into the black market for recreational weed. On the other hand, some Israelis’ concern revolve around exports should they be allowed, which they say would stigmatize the nation as one that dealt fundamentally in drugs and arms.  All the same, other Israelis are also excited about the potential of the drug as an alternative medicine to many ailing patients.

In California, there is a lot of significant input to agriculture coming from the Israelis. The concept of drip irrigation technologies started by Israel is now being applied in drought-affected areas round the state. At the same time, Israeli entrepreneurs are also taking part in direct farming, specifically of such produce as pistachios that Israelis take in large amounts per capita compared to any other country. The technology from Israel is also being applied in desalination, particularly in a new plant in Carlsbad, which may be the first of many other plants of this kind in the Golden State. Basically, there is a lot of hope for the weed industry in California, seeing that there is a lot of support coming from even outside the borders.

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