Top 10 Marijuana Products of 2016

The best marijuana products with the most advanced research and highest cool factor

Medical marijuana doesn’t have to be just medicine. Add fun and convenience to your medical cannabis experience with these top-notch products of the year.

#1 SLX 2.0 Grinder
This FDA certified grinder does what the label says. It’s coated with non-stick ceramic on every surface meaning it never needs cleaning. Friction and resin build up are reduced with its high tech design. Its uniquely shaped teeth mean you get a smoother burn and eliminate clumping. Plus, it lacks Teflon or other toxins to keep your marijuana experience free from harmful chemicals.

#2 G Pen Elite
Featuring a true 360-degree oven, this vaporizer evenly burns your medical marijuana, meaning you get the most out of your dose. With temperature control, an all-ceramic heating chamber, and sustained battery life for extended use, this handy and durable vaporizer should be at the top of your list.

#3 Stink Sack Masterkush Credit Card Bags
For those looking for discretion, these handy carriers are odor-proof and hold up to 1.75 grams (1/16 ounce) of marijuana. They’re the exact size of a credit card so can fit in your wallet for maximum portability.

#4 Dr Dabber Aura
If you prefer consuming oils and waxes, this vaporizer is fully catered to you. Its fully magnetic no-screw design makes for a seamless user experience, eliminating the need for threading. There are 3 different atomizer options and heat settings that help adjust to the waxiness or viscosity of your product.

#5 Herb Cookbook
With hundreds of recipes and detailed extraction methods, this cookbook not only aims to give you a delicious edible experience. Featured in the New York Times, Herb Cookbook fuses science and art to become the authoritative volume on how to cook with medical marijuana.

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#6 Firefly 2 Vaporizer
The 55 laser-drilled micro jets heat your marijuana to 400°F in a mere 3 seconds. This instant heating function means that your cannabis only vaporizes when inhaling, presenting a long-term economical solution for your cannabis consumption.

#7 The Frost Pipe
Pour water into the mold, let it freeze, and you’ve got an instant frozen pipe! With foldable screens to keep your marijuana from getting wet and a drip tray so your hands stay warm, this pipe brings you the fun without the fuss.

#8 SMOCAN All-in-One Portable Smoking Kit
Dubbed the Swiss army knife of marijuana products, this handy gadget has everything you need: an odor resistant grinder, storage chamber, lighter, and pipe holder. If you’re looking for compactness and convenience, this one is for you.

#9 3DPonics Printable Hydroponics System
Grow your own? Build your own hydroponics system with these free downloadable plans for 3D printers. The designs won the most successful application of 3D printing in 3D printing Europe. Its customizable features make it a great growing tool that adapts to your cultivation space.

#10 Jane’s Brew Cannabis Coffee
Looking to wake and bake? This fast acting and long lasting coffee product blends quality gourmet coffee with high-grade CO2 cannabis. Although it’s fat free, sugar free, and gluten free, this doesn’t compromise its delicious taste. The synergistic effects of cannabis and coffee have been said to deliver pain relief, relaxation, and recreation!

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