The Federal Government Feels the Heat Coming from Marijuana Votes

Marijuana is gaining popularity in the United States and many more states are considering its legalization owing to the many benefits seen with its use. Apparently, the number of marijuana votes is increasingly steadily and the federal government cannot ignore them despite its stand against marijuana legalization. For places like in Colorado, recreational marijuana uses have been legal since the start of 2014. During this time, an entirely new crop of business in the name of cannabis tourism took off. For many travelers to the state, it is a remarkable development following years of hiding the habit of using marijuana. Despite having been smoked for the longest time, marijuana has been voted down in recent times but things are slowly changing. Previous literature presented marijuana as an herb that led to horrors such as suicide and murder. What lacked in these reports is the medical value of marijuana in treating pain among other disease symptoms.

The tone is now changing and it is amazing how people can order marijuana online in some of the states where it has been legalized. Initially, a lot of money was spent to track suppliers and enforce laws against the drug. Despite all these measures put in place, Americans are still rehabilitating the rug. As of today, medical marijuana has been legalized in 25 states in the US. Others like Alaska, Oregon, Washington, the District of Columbia and Colorado have gone ahead to even permit the use of recreational weed. Recreation use of marijuana is also being pursued in places such as Maine, Nevada, Massachusetts, California and Arizona. Other propositions seeking to permit the use of medical cannabis are also underway in such places as Florida, North Dakota, Montana and Arkansas. This is indeed pressure mounting on the federal government to consider reviewing its stand on the cannabis industry.

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Interesting Trends on Marijuana
State governments seem to be reaping millions of US dollars from taxes imposed on the sale and use of marijuana. Colorado being one of them, states where recreational and/or medical marijuana has been legalized have experienced an increased revenue collection from marijuana proceeds. However, the operations in the business are not getting a fair treatment and advocates are still dealing with a lot of stigma. There are a number of hoops in the regulatory structure that are hampering progress. This is especially from federal regulatory framework that seems to restrict the use of bank accounts for businesses related to cannabis. With the state taking over in controlling the marijuana business, there is hope that success will be attained in the end.

Effects on public health, public safety and youth outcomes are stands held by the federal government that has made it go slow on the herb. However, these fears have been rubbished by reports from such bodies as the Colorado Department of Public Safety stating that there is no enough proof to warrant making any conclusions against the use of marijuana. Medical marijuana benefits have been a major development in spurring the much anticipated legalization of weed over the years. Looking at what research has presented in recent times, and the insignificant result that has resulted from fighting drugs, legalization seemingly remains as the only viable option.

Reforms on marijuana are turning on the masses in the United States and there is hope for its full fledged legalization looking at the measures taken by different states to support it. It is no longer about medical marijuana alone. Apparently, it is getting past that and despite the government’s failure to federally legalize it even for medical use, recreational use will soon be realized.

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Comments (3)

  1. Avatar for Rews Rews November 8, 2016 / 11:00 am / Reply

    I think so. Medical use, recreational use will soon be realized by the Authority. Good days are coming for all states,

  2. Avatar for francisco javier francisco javier November 19, 2016 / 2:12 am / Reply

    Recreation marijuana should be federally legal, i think this is also an important issue. They should think about it.

  3. Avatar for henrik loevborg henrik loevborg November 19, 2016 / 2:40 am / Reply

    Things are now changed. So i am hopeful, for the future

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