Things to Know About Cannabis Delivery

Cannabis Delivery

Most people are often skeptical when it comes to cannabis delivery. Questions like; when will they deliver it, how much will it cost, are the services reliable and where do I begin are just some of the thoughts that run through people’s minds when contemplating on choosing the cannabis delivery route. One thing to keep in mind though, is that just like any other delivery service you would use if you were ordering pizza or any other food for delivery, cannabis delivery services are fully licensed if they operate in your city, where cannabis for medical purposes is legal.

In order to have a smooth and easy cannabis delivery experience, it is better to use the same delivery service every time you place an order. On the first try, it might be a little bit hectic, because as a new customer, there are a lot of rules to follow, such as; information to fill out, proof of medical marijuana card and payment methods and verification. But once all that information is in the database, it becomes easier over the next couple orders and deliveries.

The cannabis delivery process is easy – place an order ahead of time, be it online or over the phone based on whatever delivery service you’re buying with, and make them aware of when you need it by. The delivery services work to deliver within your estimated delivery time. For some people, they place orders ahead of time so there is no urgency in on-time delivery. Others place last minute and the delivery service work to deliver to them as quickly as possible. On delivery, the driver verifies your credentials and delivers your product to you. At that time the payment is received via cash or debit transaction. For efficiency, cash is usually the suggested method of payment.

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It is a very easy process and the more you order from the same delivery service, the easier the transaction is each time.

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  1. Avatar for Eric Heinen Eric Heinen May 28, 2016 / 10:21 pm / Reply

    I like yot service Would like to have it in Germany

    1. Avatar for [email protected] May 30, 2016 / 1:32 pm / Reply

      Sorry we only deliver to those locations where it’s legal.

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