2016 Emerald Cup Event in California Recorded a High Turn-out

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Continued marijuana reforms all over the United States are yielding great results for the industry. Today, users can buy marijuana online without the need to leave their houses. These are some of the benefits that have been experienced in California since 1996 following the establishment of medical cannabis laws in the state. Moreover, the passing of Proposition 64 is also great news in California’s marijuana industry. Definitely, the industry is expected to continue growing even the more, now that marijuana for recreational use is decriminalized.  This was very evident as a yearly event dubbed the Emerald Cup attracted about 30,000 people from around the United States for celebrations at the Santa Rosa fairgrounds. This was the 13th year that the event was taking place and in many occasions, it has been taking place in secret. People came out in large numbers to see the winners of the competition in 2016. The event organizer, Tim Blake reported that the change noticed in the last two years was much more than what was experienced in the last two decades or so.

The Emerald Cup is usually a 2-day festival conducted annually following the outdoor cultivation season and marijuana growers drawn from all around the state meet together to contend for the prize. Ideally, the Emerald Cup is the marijuana equivalent to an Oscar for cultivators in California. In this year’s event, there were more than 1,100 various marijuana flowers, edibles, concentrates and many others that were included in this year’s competition. This was double the number of those taking part in the competition compared to last year. It proved to be a defining moment for the event as it continues to grow in notoriety and popularity.  Hotels were really sold out inside 30 miles of the fairgrounds, with individuals coming from different states specifically to attend the event. No one, including the event organizer thought that they would come to this level. Pat Bakalain, one of the lobbyists for marijuana thought that the event would continue underground for years. Those who attended the event noticed that the people in attendance were very friendly and that the scale was very great.

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There was once a “medication region” where cultivators were giving out free joints as dealers continued to trade their weed products. In such occasions, lines formed for every food seller available and growers were in a position to go to educational panels where they were able to learn more concerning the new laws being established for the cultivation of recreational and medical marijuana. There are also marijuana growers from such places as Colorado, who attended to sell weed seeds to cultivators who joyfully restocked them for the coming season. This award was the highlight of Sunday according to the marketing director, Jordan Caballero. It is the main reason why owners of marijuana delivery service owners were in attendance along with other cannabis entrepreneurs. It is every person’s commitment for the whole year and season congregating and ending with the cup. People treasure this event so much and they say that it is like winning the Emmy or Grammy awards in marijuana.

The winner in this year’s Emerald Cup was a strain known as Zkittles. It was explained as a tropical fruit cannabis strain that had a very high potency. One judge was convinced after smoking the strain.  The judges had tested more than 650 entries only for the “flowers” category over a period of one month before the final event.  This specific strain stood out for most of the judges. It will definitely be one of the strains many people will be looking forward to try given the opportunity to do so. With the recent developments in this event this time round, there is a growing popularity and it is even expected to grow more in the future. As of today, the Emerald Cup is the largest marijuana event in the state and it will certainly continue to remain at the top following this year’s success. It is very exciting to see the weed industry begin to thrive and people coming out of dark-corners to participate in festivities. This is also promoted through the terrific number of cultivators and manufacturers getting into the contest for the title of the best weed in the state.

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