Three Ways to Consume Cannabis Without Smoking

Consuming Cannabis without Smoking

If you are a chronic pain sufferer and have always wanted to try medical cannabis to help bring you some relief but don’t want to put your lungs in jeopardy, you have options. There are plenty of other ways to consume cannabis without having to smoke it. Whether you want to try edibles or oils, there is a perfect way for you to treat your pain. Here are some ways to consume cannabis that will still deliver the same result that smoking marijuana does.

Is Smoking Cannabis Bad for Your Lungs?

One of the main reasons why people are looking for different ways to consume cannabis is because they fear what the smoke may be doing to their lungs. It may surprise you to know that there is very little evidence to link smoking marijuana to lung cancer. In fact, many people who suffer from certain cancers use medical cannabis to help kill cancer cells. According to studies done by the most damage that you will be doing to your body by smoking marijuana is irritation to your throat.

There are other reasons for consuming cannabis not through smoking however. If you suffer from a cold virus, the smoke may irritate your lungs which can make your cold last longer. Also, it isn’t ideal for everyone to be able to openly smoke cannabis, depending on where they live. That’s where the other ways to consume cannabis come in handy.


An edible is a very broad definition of one of the ways to consume cannabis. The most popular type of edibles is the sweet treats that you may have seen before. These include brownies, cookies and gummy bears. Edibles have come a long way from the brownies that you may have seen circulated around parties back in the day. Most legal marijuana dispensaries have jumped on the edibles trend and now offer just about every type of edible imaginable.

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The one biggest misconception with edibles is that they are safe to snack on. Edibles tend to have a higher level of THC because they are a very concentrated product. Also, because edibles are not as instant as smoking marijuana is, it is suggested that you wait at least an hour before taking another dose because the effects will hit you slower. It is suggested that you check with your caretaker before consuming edibles to check the strength level for best results.

Cannabis Oils

Cannabis oil is one of the ways to consume cannabis without smoking that also offers you lots of customizable options. You can find every type of oil from olive oil to garlic oil that has been infused with cannabis. These oils are a great option if you are planning on making your own edibles or treats. Many people who suffer from chronic pain love to use these oils for meals. For example, a popular breakfast among the cannabis community is toast and avocado with a drizzle of cannabis oil on top. Just remember that cannabis oil, like most edibles, have a higher amount of THC. So always make sure to measure your oils and try not to be too heavy handed.

The best part about cannabis oils is that they are really simple for you to make on your own at home. This way you can better control the strength of the oil.


One of the most potent ways to consume cannabis without smoking is by using tinctures. Tinctures are basically extracts of marijuana in a liquid form that is processed directly from the herb itself. After you get the extraction from the marijuana plant, the liquid is then extracted in alcohol and bottled. Most of the time you will see tinctures come in little dropper bottles. This is because tinctures are meant to be used in very small doses like vitamins.
To gain the benefits from cannabis by using tinctures, all you need to do is simply place a couple drops directly under your tongue. The reason that this is a highly effective way of consuming cannabis is because the extraction goes almost directly to the bloodstream which means that you will feel the results almost instantly. This is perfect for people who don’t want to smoke cannabis but want the immediate results that they don’t get from edibles. You can make your own tincture also.

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Final Thoughts

Medical marijuana dispensaries are on the edge of trend when it comes to the public need for other ways to consume cannabis. From edibles to oils, you are sure to find a way to consume cannabis that you are comfortable with.

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