Tips to Legally Buy Marijuana Online in California

Buy Marijuana Online

Now that state officials kept their promise to make legal marijuana sales available on New Year’s Day, any person 21-years or older can buy it in California. There is much to know before you do, however. There are laws, costs, products, and other considerations to think about first. Weed is not what it used to be, and you do not have to risk your safety heading downtown. You can get marijuana online, legally.

What to Know At an Online Dispensary

You will find much higher levels of THC in today’s marijuana than in the buds of old. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for making you high. Back in the 1990s, The National Institute of Drug Abuse claims that THC averaged approximately 3.7 percent in confiscated samples. Nowadays, many retail strains are testing in the 20- percent to 30-percent range.

Additionally, edibles are much more potent too. Back when making homemade weed brownies was the only option available, potency was not even comparable to today’s tasty treats. Some concentrates, such as vapes and oils, contain as much as 80 percent to 90 percent THC. It is important to know this and be a responsible consumer. Taking too much THC can be particularly unpleasant.

Fortunately, much information exists online to help you make informed choices. If you want a particular experience, such as an energetic strain for hiking, then budtenders can point you to the right products. However, you will have to wait for your turn, as queues can be painful at all pot shops. There are budtenders to help you online too, and they know more about pot than bartenders know about alcohol.

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There is also the issue of supply. Not enough pot shops are licensed and operating. Regulators are behind schedule. You will not find stock shortages online, as you do across all marijuana stores in California. Buying marijuana online is easier, safer, and more discreet. Delivery is fast and you have more product choices than you would in store. So how do you use an online dispensary legally?

·         Check Legitimacy

Not all websites are operating legally. In fact, many are fraudulent and will steal your personal information, take your money without delivering, or send you inferior quality at the price of dank bud. Do your homework. If not, you risk becoming a victim of these swindlers, and if police catch you using an illegal retailer, you could still find yourself in trouble.

All online marijuana stores in California must have a license to operate. Check to make sure it does. Read customer reviews and any feedback you can find. If its clients are happy buying marijuana online through them, then you will likely be too. Check its suppliers. Each must be reputable and licensed, as well. Contact them personally and ask questions. If they take too long to answer, look elsewhere.

·         Sign Up

To order marijuana online, you must have an account with the online dispensary in question. You will need to sign up, register and create one. Fill in the information required of you, and then wait for an email confirmation to arrive in your inbox. When it does, simply follow the link to access your account. There, you will find hundreds of top quality marijuana products for your consideration.

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·         Prove Age

A legitimate, legal online pot shop will comply with state laws, one of which is not to sell to anyone younger than 21-years. You will need to prove that you are old enough and that the state considers you a legal adult. This is easy to do, fortunately. Simply upload a copy of your I.D. when registering for access. If you do brave the local pot shop downtown, they will need to see your I.D., as well.

·         Get Help

Help is available online. If you are in any way unsure about whether you are purchasing marijuana legally or not, just ask. Experts can also guide you through the different products, as not all are the same. There are Indicas, Sativas, and hybrids galore. Choosing from hundreds of items can be overwhelming, so just remember that Sativas are energetic, Indicas sleepy, and hybrids a mix of the two.

Online Marijuana Stores in California

So many online pot shops to choose from can seem tricky. The best way to find out which deliver high quality, in record time, safely and legally is to ask your friends and family. People will tell you all about their experiences with buying marijuana online. If you do not know anyone buying online personally, then you should spend some time combing the company’s reviews for signs of unhappy clients.

Despite being legal in California now, recreational weed is still hard to come by. Until the state finalizes all license applications and allows more retailers to operate legally, there may some inventory issues along the way. There is no risk of delivery companies running out of weed for sale online. They collaborate with several licensed dispensaries to offer products from all of them.

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