Top 10 California Weed Delivery Services in 2020

Top 10 California Weed Delivery Services in 2020

COVID-19 rearranged whole economies. Globally. Cannabusiness fared no different. To be fair, changes were already happening, but lockdown cemented the preference of weed delivery for consumers. In fact, according to PwC, the future of business lies online. This trend of home delivery is here to stay, with shifting consumer patterns already visible. Companies are building the logistics for it.

In just a year or two, experts predict all shopping will occur online. Folks will order everything, including weed, from the comfort of home. There are myriad reasons for this, from traffic avoidance to preventing viral transmission. Fortunately, insightful marijuana delivery services are already operating, and with little disruption. Several trusted delivery companies are keeping California supplied during lockdown:

1. Pot Valet

Based out of Santa Monica, Pot Valet has been delivering quality weed for years already. With the largest supplier network in California, expect the biggest menu anywhere. What is more, Pot Valet prides itself on speedy delivery. If you live in any of their cities, your delivery should arrive within 75 minutes. Those living out in the wilds might have to wait a little longer. Not much longer, though. Truly. They are fast.

2. Leafly

Leafly is another of the more famous delivery services in California. Quality is exceptional. It has also been operating some while already. Delivery is quick, safe, and discreet, but the company focuses mainly on easy-to-reach clientele, not those in remote places. If reaching you is in any way out of the ridden path, you may need to wait a time. It prioritizes the Los Angeles area and immediate surrounds.

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3. Herb

Herb is a popular marijuana delivery service in Los Angeles with a large supplier network. The company also operates in Canada, specifically in the Toronto area. You can find all manner of cannabis products available on its website, and it prides itself on delivering orders timeously, no matter where in busy Los Angeles you are. You can expect delivery promptly, typically within two hours of placing your order.

4. Kushfly

Kushfly offers premium weed delivery to the Los Angeles and SoCal areas. It has been exceptionally busy during lockdown. Those in Los Angeles can order cannabis on demand, but if you are in SoCal, it might take a few hours. However, you should still receive it the same day. Kushfly has a comprehensive menu that includes flowers, edibles, vapes, and more. There is something for every taste and preference.

5. SpeedWeed

SpeedWeed is an exclusive cannabis delivery service that has been operating in California since 2010. It is among the oldest, most established, and most trusted delivery companies in the country. Its menu is comprehensive and includes a huge array of both cannabis and pure cannabidiol, or CBD, products. As its name implies, you get your weed speedily, faster than most other services making similar promises.

6. Eaze

Eaze is another busy marijuana delivery company in California. Based in San Francisco, it services the whole state, delivering all types of cannabis products quickly and efficiently. The company attracted over $150 million in funding back when it started out. Now, it is one of the biggest delivery services, offering a huge selection of products, often with coupons and other discounted prices.

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7. Herbarium

Herbarium is another delivery service catering to the greater Los Angeles area. Its deliveries are discreet, fast, and very, very popular. Unlike many other delivery companies, Herbarium actually has its own store. It offers a potent selection of products, from the best buds anywhere to quality tinctures, oils, edibles, capsules, vapes, and more. You can find Indicas, Sativas, hybrids galore, whatever the mood.

8. Caliva

From San Jose, Caliva promises quality. Nothing less. It delivers weed to your door faster than you could get it yourself. The company delivers throughout the San Francisco Bay area, as well as Los Angeles. It also offers same-day delivery, or you can schedule delivery for whenever you want. Caliva always has specials going on, whether in coupons, discounts, or promotions. You can even buy gifts for friends.

9. Amuse

Another popular weed delivery company, Amuse operates in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. It promises a wide selection of choice products, for any mood, any occasion. What is more, this company is also fast, making it a top option for consumers. Its discretion is near unmatched. From packaging to driver to delivery vehicle, no one will know what you are ordering online unless you want him or her to.

10. Emjay

Emjay is another company servicing the Los Angeles area. It prides itself on offering a horde of quality cannabis products at great prices. There is no markup and no delivery fee. It is among the fastest delivery services in California, with the driver often arriving within the hour. Its supplier network is trusted, reliable, and legally compliant, with all products going for third party testing before sale.

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Legal Marijuana Delivery in California

A quick Google search for “marijuana delivery near me” will return hundreds of results. These are most popular of them, the most trusted, but there are frauds out there too, and in abundance. Always do your homework before ordering from a company the first time. Check their licensure. Scrutinize their reviews. Browse their website. Make sure they are legitimate before parting with your money.

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