The Top 10 Marijuana Edibles Of 2016

Top 10 Marijuana Edibles Of 2016

Until a few years ago, people only used marijuana edibles when they made pot brownies. That’s changed now and manufacturers have come up with a number of edibles that uplift your entire experience and allow you to consume marijuana in many different forms. If you’re concerned about smoking marijuana, you can look at these alternatives.

#1. Tea Pot from Honey Pot

This calendula, guava, and mango-flavored black tea is perfect for people who want a little uplifting drink every once in a while. You get to enjoy the health benefits of tea and get that marijuana relaxation and pain relief. This is ideal for people who suffer from medical conditions and need something that will ease the discomfort and symptoms.

You get 25ML of THC in this tea, which is relatively low for an edible so it’s ideal for new users and people who just dabble in marijuana. The honey adds the right amount of sweetness so you don’t need to worry about added sugar and carbs.

#2. Altai XXL Chocolate Espresso Pips

This is clearly a match made in heaven because the edible combines the goodness of chocolate, coffee, and marijuana together. No wonder Altai XXL Chocolate Espresso Pips has won so many accolades. It’s clearly something that will appeal to a large number of people. These Chocolate Espresso Pips have THC levels of 500MG for the entire packet of 200 pips.

Every pip is about 23MG to 29MG, which is great for people who have a high tolerance of THC. You can consume as much or as little as you want. The sativa strains will help you relax but keep you clear-minded and energetic. This effect is reinforced by the espresso and chocolate so people who suffer from lethargy and weakness can benefit from the pips.

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#3. Blueberry and Chamomile FlasQ

If you don’t like coffee and chocolate, you can try this blueberry and chamomile-flavored drink. The FlasQ garnered rave reviews in every competition it was introduced because for the taste and level of THC. The bottle contains 2 ounces of the drink and has 90ML of THC derived from Indica species of marijuana. The presence of Indica ensures you’ll feel very relaxed and even sleepy if you consume a higher dose. This drink is great for people who suffer from sleeplessness or anxiety.

#4. Lorax Cannarancha

Are you fond of spicy things? If so, this sriracha-style hot sauce will blow your socks off. People love this edible because it’s so versatile and interesting. You can use it on your pizza, in your soup, your taco, etc. If your recipe demands a hot sauce, you can add Lorax Cannarancha and enjoy the spice with a hit of THC.

Speaking of THC, this sauce has 400MG in a 2 ounce bottle so about ½ a tablespoon of sauce contains about 50MG. It contains CannaSutra OG oil in it, which is Indica so you’ll feel euphoric and uplifted when you consume this. So, if you want something with a little kick, you should try the Cannarancha sauce.

#5. Lord Jones Natural Fruit Gumdrops

If you’re a bit of a sweet tooth and don’t like spicy things, you can try the Lord Jones Natural Fruit Gumdrops. The gumdrops have natural zesty flavors that’ll appeal to a large number of people. Every packet contains 9 drops with about 10MG of THC. The dose is low enough that you can enjoy your hit as you go about your day. The gumdrops look great and are packaged well, so they work well as a gift to a fellow marijuana user as well.

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#6. ABX Soft Gels from CannaCraft’s Absolute Extracts

This is the ideal edible for people who want a high dosage. The ABX soft gels have 50MG of THC and contain only cannabis oil and coconut oil gelatin. There’s nothing to minimize or compromise the effect of the marijuana. The soft gels will offer long-term relief and relation for people who suffer from pain, stress, or lack of sleep. Doctors often recommend this supplement because it provides users the benefit of the entire plant.

#7. Jimi’s Medicated Macaroon Pie – Blueberry Purple Haze

Who doesn’t love macaroons? They’re flaky, sweet, flavorful, and delicious. Every macaroon has about 25MG of THC, which is ideal for medical use. You can consume as much or as little as you like and control the amount of THC you have in your system. As an added bonus, these macaroons are delicious and can be a nice change away from the dull medications you have to consume on a daily basis.

#8. Kushadelic Cake Drop from Kush Kakery

Kushadelic is a delightful little cake drop that has cake batter and chocolate flavors. It’s covered in colorful sprinkles and looks like something right out of the best cake shops in the world. However, it’s a very potent edible and has about 55MG of THC content in it. If you want something sweet and interesting with a high dosage of marijuana, Kushadelic is the right choice for you.

#9. Apricot Chocolate by Daydreamers Chocolates

This combination of apricot, chocolate, and marijuana is a complete delight for the taste buds. Daydreamers Chocolates has produced excellent products but this is one of the most popular. Marijuana users consider it a treat because it delivers about 30MG of THC per serving.

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The biggest selling point of this chocolate is the fruity and bittersweet flavor, which will appeal to people who don’t like overly sweet milk chocolates.

#10. Liquid Dreams Capsules by Day Dreamers Chocolates

The Liquid Dreams collection has a number of different products but their Sativa capsules are the most popular. They’re good quality supplements with CO2 extracted cannabis in coconut oil gel. You won’t find any powdered flowers, just pure Sativa oils. The capsules are available in 25MG and 50MG variants and come in 2, 4, 8, and 10 packs.

These marijuana edibles are some of the most popular products available in the market, but there are hundreds of other edibles that you can try out.

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