Top 10 Marijuana Legalization Opponents in the USA

10 Marijuana Legalization Opponents in USA

Marijuana has for many centuries passed as an illegal drug all around the world. Moreover, violent and dangerous to the community classification is ongoing about marijuana users. However, this has come to pass with the recent legalization of marijuana in several states in the United States. Marijuana is currently used for the health benefits it provides to many patients suffering from ailments like cancer and anxiety. But as we all know, every debatable forum attracts both proposition and opposition. Marijuana legalization is still stigmatized by the society despite its current legalization. A number of marijuana legalization opponents have surfaced and among the top 10 include;

Police Unions

Police unions argue that the legalization of marijuana will increase homicide cases. Apparently, both legal and illegal marijuana sellers will compete for marketing and sell grounds eventually affecting the public’s safety. In addition, they oppose marijuana legalization arguing that the number of accidents will rise significantly. Apparently, legalizing marijuana will not make the users cautious about using the drug hence reckless usage.

American Society of Addiction Medicine

They heavily disregard that marijuana does not have addictive properties. They thus fight for the right to quality treatment for patients who have become addicts off drugs like marijuana. However, Stuart Gitlow champions for a research done on marijuana. Therefore, a clear indication on which parts of marijuana provide the medicinal benefits is deduced.


A majority of parents oppose marijuana legalization instigating that their children and mostly teenagers will engage to the use marijuana. These parents heavily campaign against both medical and recreational legalization of marijuana. Organizations like “parents opposed to pot” pass on messages that use of marijuana are strongly tied to suicidal attempts. They strongly oppose marijuana legalization to prevent their children become victims of addiction.

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Save our Society from Drugs Foundation

This foundation mainly highlights policies that promote the health and safety of communities. Thus, ensuring the members of the community are out of any drug reach. They further disapproval any medicinal properties present in weed. Moreover, add that smoking of marijuana does not promote any medical benefits according to a number of reputable organizations.

However, they acknowledge that just as the poppy plant, some of the marijuana chemical components possess healing potential. They also insist that only doctors authorize these components and not patients prescribing it on their own.

Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana (CALM)

This is a group of individuals who fight any state law that is against the federally controlled substance act. This federal act states that the use, transportation, and cultivation of hard drugs are illegal. They thus add marijuana into this list of illegal drugs. They strongly support the food and drug administration (FDA) findings that cannabis does not have medical properties and is harmful. Also, they strongly instigate that the classification of cannabis as a schedule-1 drug indicates easy to abuse. They thus advocate for the stop in marijuana legalization spread.

Bill Bennett

He is the previous director in the office of national drug control policy. He constantly tells America of marijuana’s future health menace in their continent. His published books describe how marijuana legalization will deteriorate America. Hence, he is a strong opponent of marijuana legalization in America.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana

Despite their opposition to marijuana legalization, they understand that the extreme lies in between. They thus seek to prevent an incident where there is big cannabis industry as is big tobacco. The reason they oppose marijuana legalization is that addiction requires a long process. So, while the weed market is being formed, the target audience will be the youth who also hold the future. Their aim, therefore, is to prevent any incident of an addicted nation.

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Partnership for Drug-free Kids

They are focused on helping families whose children have engaged in drug abuse. They empower the families on information about substance abuse, educate them and connect them. Therefore, they do not support the legalization of marijuana as it’s considered as a substance abuse.

Some Marijuana Cultivators

A few of the cannabis growers admit to the risk of marijuana addiction due to the outrageous tips on increasing cannabis potency. While marijuana was not much of a concern, the regular increases in potency may put users at risk. So, these cultivators strongly disregard the legalization of medical pot.

Some Public and Private Companies

These companies oppose the legalization of marijuana believing that it will bring about absenteeism and job negligence. In turn, the economy growth of America or rather states is doubted to decrease.

These happen to be just some of the opponents of cannabis legalization. While this debate continues to be fought upon, many medical marijuana patients are benefiting. Despite being classified as a schedule-1 drug, states that have legalized it to help marijuana patients enjoy the medical value in marijuana. Therefore, an intense research should be conducted to realize the safety or harmfulness of the old drug in due time.

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