Top 10 Places in California to Buy Marijuana

  • 05 Jul, 2016
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California is heaven for people who like to smoke marijuana to ease their medical problems. There are several doctors and dispensaries scattered across the state that offer good products and ample variety. However, there are many establishments that aren’t as reliable and don’t offer the best value for money or quality. Marijuana is used for medical purposes so you need to choose a dispensary or cannabis collective carefully. Here’s a list of dispensaries and online stores that are well established and offer great products.

Brick and Mortar Establishments

1 – Exhale Med Center

Located in West Hollywood in Los Angeles, the Exhale Med center is highly-rated and widely recognized as one of the best marijuana dispensaries in the state. It’s a non-profit collective and provides affordable, good quality cannabis. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and will answer all of your questions on medications and their effects. If you want to join a reliable collective that cares for its members, you should consider Exhale Med Center.

2 – HERB

HERB is located in downtown Los Angeles and offers premium marijuana to the members. The collective also delivers to your residence so you don’t have to head for the dispensary every time you need to replenish your medications. HERB’s staff is very professional and knowledgeable, which makes is very popular with new marijuana users. They deliver promptly and have a great variety of products so you can find everything you need here.

3 – The Clinik Caregivers

This is located in Winnetka and also offers delivery. All reviews suggest that the collective is one of the best places to buy marijuana from around Calabasas. The staff is welcoming and willing to help. They’ll answer your questions about marijuana and recommend the best strains and producers. They have over 50 different strains and carry concentrates. You can purchase marijuanagood quality consumption equipment from them as well.

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4 – Go Green Bear Collective

This is one of the largest marijuana medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles. If you want high-quality weed, Go Green Bear is a great option for you. They take great care of their products and their customers, which makes them very popular. The flowers are packed in glass jars instead of plastic so there’s no BPA to compromise the equality of the marijuana. They also offer vegan and organic edibles that are grown in a natural, eco-friendly way. Their products are free from pesticides and other such chemicals.

5 – Bud and Roses Collective

This collective is established and has earned rave reviews ever since inception. The collective has high-quality marijuana and has a very wide collection of products. You might even get products that aren’t easily available elsewhere like Mary’s Trans-dermal Patches. Marijuana users rate this particular collective high because it of the variety in products, the fast delivery time, and the friendly, discreet service.

Online Establishments

1 – Pot Valet

Pot Valet was established in 2014 and has gained considerable acclaim in a short period of time because of their lab tested products. The online collective offers overnight delivery in most areas of California and immediate delivery  in 45 minutes or less to Los Angeles, Solano County, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara County. They have one of the largest inventory of marijuana products and accessories, including CBD, edibles, cartridges, Flowers and Topicals so you’ll find everything you need on this website. The collective also has excellent customer service so you can call them any time you want.

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2 – Harborside Health Center

This collective is based in Oakland, California and has a slightly old system. They only accept exact cash, money orders, and cashier’s checks for their products, but their quality is worth the trouble. The collective sells flowers, edibles, concentrates, seeds, topicals, and accessories and delivers between 1pm to 7pm daily. You can register online and opt for their delivery service if you live in the San Francisco Bay area. Harborside Health Center also manufactures a number of award-winning topicals and edibles, so you should check their collection.

3 – Speed Weed

Speed Weed is based in Los Angeles and serves the city and Orange County. If you live in these areas of Southern California, you can register with this collective and get your medication delivered to your doorstep. The delivery is quick and discreet so you don’t have to worry about your neighbors. The weed will be safe until it reaches your doorstep because the drivers are evaluated thoroughly and are very reliable. The collective offers a number of products like flowers, hash, wax, edibles, concentrates and other cannabis products.

4 – Crown Collective

This collective is based in Forestville and is one of the few that deliver to Northern parts of California. They started the delivery service last year and have enjoyed a growing patient base ever since. This is a grassroot level collective and a member of Americans for Safe Access and California NORML. You pay them through donations for patients who have transportation requirements. The unique method makes them stand out and garner appreciation from their members.

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5 – Kushfly

Kushfly has a very efficient, well-designed website and a wide range of products including flowers, concentrates, edibles, CBD, accessories, etc. Whether you want Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid species, you’ll get it in this store. The prices are relatively reasonable and the delivery system is safe and secure. You’ll get immediate delivery in Hollywood and Los Angeles

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