Top 10 Things to Do in a Cannabis Lockdown

Top 10 Things to Do in a Cannabis Lockdown

SARS-Cov-2, the coronavirus responsible for causing COVID-19, continues to ravage the world. Wave after infectious wave is likely to keep most of us confined indoors for indefinite periods of lockdown. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, what is worse, the virus is here to stay. The “new normal,” it seems.  Lockdown, however, is boring. Depressing. Just what are we to do?

Fun Lockdown Activities for the Pot Enthusiast

Well, for one, we will all be relying on cannabis delivery for some manner of sanity. The popularity of weed is frankly soaring since lockdown first started. It was commonplace before, but now it is widespread. Everybody is trying it now. If not, they will soon. Fortunately, cannabis will excite even the most mundane activity. No need for bore, though. Much fun exists for a pot enthusiast in lockdown:

1. Grow Weed

You can grow your own weed. According to the California Cannabis Portal, you may grow six mature plants for yourself at home. Everybody and his or her aunt are growing at least one plant these days. Mostly for the adventure. Growing cannabis is exciting. Truly. More important, smoking your own homegrown is among the most satisfying of rewards known to man. It makes the perfect lockdown hobby.

2. Watch Movies

Watching movies might have a clichéd feel to it, but unless you have watched one of your favorite films under the influence of your favorite strain, you have never really watched movies before. Of course, such activity is most suited to the laziest Indica strains, but movies offer hours of joy. Series and documentaries are also best stoned. They are sure to keep creeping lockdown boredoms at bay.

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3. Build a Garden

Gardening offers a world of benefits for a cannabis lockdown. Growing your own food is highly rewarding. It will also keep you busy, enthralled, and motivated throughout. It makes no difference where you live; you can grow your favorite delicacies. Whether on a farm or in a small flat, you can produce much of what you eat. It is inexpensive, wonderfully time absorbing, and a great deal of fun.

4. Make Furniture

Making furniture is not as scary as it sounds. It does not have to be furniture even, just whatever you need around the house. For example, you can build a spice rack if you do not have one. A nicer coffee table, maybe. Another bed for your kids? Ideas are near limitless. A good Sativa should give you the ideas, the energy, and the stamina to build your most ambitious projects. Woodworking is fun.

5. Get Arty

Creatives have much to get creative about during a lockdown. It is the perfect time to let the mind a-wandering. Painting, sculpting, writing, even making clothes, the list of artistic endeavors grows with every stoned imagination. Some materials can be expensive, depending on your artistic calling, but most creative projects do not have to cost much at all. If budget gets tight, you can be very creative there too.

6. Try DIY

If you are home, there is no need to have everybody else out to come fix issues as they arise. You can fix them yourself and save money in the process. Well, this is true for most things, plumbers and electricians excluded. Projects waiting their turn can get your attention now. Fix the roof, paint the house, and resolve your termite issues. Sativas are the best strains for these types of endeavors.

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7. Play Games

Many believe games are for children. If that is you, then you could not be more wrong. Video games, even board games, certainly all types of games, can really spice up your lockdown. Chilled screen games are ideal for Indicas, whereas high-energy games might do best with Sativas. Games have many benefits. They stimulate mental faculties, relieve boredom, pass time, and improve mood, often considerably.

8. Cultivate Mushrooms

Growing mushrooms is a rising trend, especially notable now with lockdowns everywhere. You can cultivate your own edible mushrooms at home. There are gourmet and exotic species, medicinal ones too. From Lion’s Mane to Portobello, Shiitake, Oyster, and many more, there are fewer hobbies as interesting, exciting, and rewarding as nurturing mycelium. It is spiritual, even more so with weed.

9. Consider Pets

If you do not have animal companions, consider getting some. At least one. However, animals are not a hobby, not a pastime for lockdown only. They are lifetime responsibilities, but they will make your lockdown much happier and your life overall too. Science proves pets improve health and wellness. If you do not have space for some furry friends, then fish and reptiles make captivating pets too.

10. Try Recipes

Cooking is the perfect lockdown activity. What is more, you can add cannabis to your cooking for an even more exciting experience. Spending time in the kitchen is increasingly popular, and controlling your own foods is much better for your health. Experiment with different dishes. Prepare feasts for your munchies. Cooking can keep you busy, entertained, intelligent, and somewhat sane through lockdown.

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Fastest Weed Delivery Los Angeles

No matter how bad it is stuck perpetually inside, cannabis delivery is available near immediately. According to the California Cannabis Portal, weed delivery is an essential service. You can find strains galore for any activity and at reasonable prices too. If you need energy, weed can help with that. Likewise, if you need sleep and relaxation, there is an abundance of strains for that too.

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  1. Avatar for Beatriz Beatriz November 23, 2020 / 1:37 am / Reply

    Yeah! Great idea, make a garden!

  2. Avatar for Marisol Marisol November 24, 2020 / 12:24 am / Reply

    Hmm! Need to make new dish!

  3. Avatar for Clarice Clarice November 25, 2020 / 3:14 am / Reply

    Gardening is the best choice!!

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