Top 3 Cannabis Strains for Creatives


There are many strong cases people have made for the health benefits of marijuana however something that marijuana users have known for decades is beginning to surface as well, marijuana for creativity.

Many Beverly Hills and Hollywood creatives in the show business have been said to use marijuana for its creativity sparking properties. Even residents of Beverly Hills are aware that marijuana has been used in Beverly Hills long before it was declared legal. According to a report, many agencies and companies in the entertainment industry in Beverly Hills have long since accepted the plant and the use of marijuana.

However now that the misconceptions around marijuana are slowing diminishing, people from all areas, not just Beverly Hills, can begin to see just how marijuana can be used for its creative inspiration.

Canabbis has been a friend to creative individuals with creative minds for a long time. Cannabis has been used to explore the imagination, and give rise to new ways of seeing things and ideas. For many users in the creative field, not just in Beverly Hills, cannabis adds new dimensions and colors to the worlds within the creative mind

For those that have used or use cannabis to spark extra creativity, cannabis allows the mind to zone in on a concept and helps to avoid distraction that usually comes with a busy brain of the modern day world.

For those that are thinking of using cannabis to spark a bit of extra creativity it is important to know that the hundreds of different strains all come with different properties and the trick is in finding the right type of strains that help with creativity- if you pick the ‘wrong’ strain you could end up employing a different effect altogether. These differences in strains are caused mainly by its delivering levels of the various cannabinoids and by their terpene levels. Fair enough, in the past there were many Beverly Hills artists and creatives around the world that were not bothered by what strain was in their toolbox however these days there is much more information that one can gather on the plant and a little bit of knowledge and understanding goes a long way, especially if we are talking about traveling in the depths of the creative mind.

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There are specific strains that many creatives have stocked up on specifically for their use of sparking creativity. The following list is the top three strains for those that wish to spark creative inspiration and mental stimulation

  1. Kali Mist

What is the main thing that prohibits creativity from flowing? The main reason is usually as simple as a lack of inspiration due to low energy levels. This little bud can provide a bright boost of energy with feelings of euphoria and motivation. Kali Mist is a sativa dominant strain and bring confidence, inspiration, a bright mind and creativity.

  1. Jack Herer

This sativa dominant bud is a favorite amongst many sativa users. This sativa has a strong pine smell and stimulates an alert mind and brings focus to the mind as well. However this alertness and focus is balanced by mellow properties, which prevents the user from feeling too anxious. Many users say that this high from Jack Here leaves them feeling focused, sharp minded and relaxed all at the same time.

  1. Chemdawg

This strain is hybrid that packs a punch. This strain is a strong little bud that should be left for when you are a seasoned cannabis user. It is a strain that certainly gives a huge creativity boost that can be a bit overwhelming for those not so accustomed to strong strains. This strain is one that provides a strong sense of euphoria. This powerhouse can be dizzying to the senses however if you settle into the high instead of allow yourself to be rushed into the race of a thousand thoughts per second than this strain will give the power kickstart of creativity and a sense of invigoration and waves of creativity.

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Remember to check the regulations of your city or county and enjoy your cannabis for creativity, just like the Beverly Hills cannabis creatives have been doing for years.

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  1. Avatar for stuart amilley. stuart amilley. March 24, 2018 / 2:00 am / Reply

    All these three are my favorite.

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