The Top 5 Best Marijuana Strains for Pain and Anxiety

Marijuana Strains

Numerous tests over the years have shown that marijuana can effectively be used as a safe alternative to addictive opiates in the fight against chronic pain.

Pain is an insidious condition that is difficult to treat, but with the help of weed all those discomforts fade away. That is why so many American states began legalizing medical marijuana a few years ago and now, with the arrival of legalized recreational weed, this pain-killing remedy is available to all adults.

Today, there are in the region of 100 million people in the USA who are chronic pain sufferers and studies have found that because this medical condition is so difficult to pin-point prescribing the right medication is not an exact science. Also, over time patients can become immune to opiates or suffer from debilitating side-effects.

Marijuana plants contain THC and CBD cannabinoids that fight pain by reacting naturally to receptors in our bodies. Here we highlight five of the best marijuana strains to fight pain:

1. Northern Lights

Northern Lights’ high in indica-content numbs pain and is a body relaxant. It will, however,  have you heading for some serious couch time, so it’s best to use this strain when your diary is free. Northern Lights is a very popular pain-killing choice.

2. Master Kush

Next in line is Master Kush, another potent indica strain that will ease your pain and relax your body. Treat Master Kush with care because it packs a powerhouse punch and is recommended for use directly before retiring to bed.

3. Sour Diesel

Yet another firm favorite, Sour Diesel is high in sativa content that does not immobilize users. It packs a stimulating high that allows you to continue with your daily activities while the mind puts the pain on the back-burner. Because of its popularity, Sour Diesel is easy to source.

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4. Blueberry

This strain was developed in the 1980’s and has been a firm favorite ever since. Blueberry is indica-dominant, decompressing both body and mind. It’s a great pain killer and is also recommended for night-time use.

5. White Widow

This strain is a mixture of South Indian (indica) and South American (sativa) and that combination make for a sure-fire remedy to kill the pain. It will leave you feeling euphoric and energetic. But have lots of treats on hand because White Widow will send you straight to the cupboard in search of something to munch!

Treating Anxiety

When using marijuana to treat anxiety, you should always select a strain with a high CBD content. Here are five of the best strains to treat this disorder:

1. Dr. Who

For an all-time high Dr. Who is your answer and will put an end to all those anxious emotions. A potent indica-dominant strain, this is a mixture of Timewreck and the Mad Scientist. Dr. Who won’t have you “locked” on the couch and is your solution to calming your mind of any negative and anxious thoughts. With a sweet-and-sour taste, Dr. Who is an excellent choice for the treatment of a number of mood disorders and can be safely consumed during daytime hours. Take care, though, of how much you consume because this strain is known for its dry mouth and dry eyes side-effects.

2. Fruit Loops

As its name suggests, Fruit Loops is a fruity strain dominated by grapefruit and blueberry aromas. It will have you “looping around” because of its potency. It will also have your chin wagging, with any feelings of anxiety a mere memory from your distant past.

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3. Harlequin

Because of its high sativa-content, Harlequin is an extremely effective strain for lowering anxiety levels. It will leave you alert and with a clear head, making it an ideal strain for consumption during daylight hours.

4. Cannatonic

This is an ideal anxiety “tonic” for anxiety with its 17% CBD content. If you want to relax while keeping your thoughts positive, Cannatonic is one of the most popular medical strains for treating anxiety and has few side-effects.

5. Khalifa Kush

What would we do without good old Kush? Khalifa Kush is the creation of rapper Wiz Khalifa and has a citrus and pine aroma, not unlike OG Kush. Also known as KK, this is a euphoric strain that will end any feelings of anxiety. It is also recommended for daytime use.


Whether you use marijuana to fight pain or to control anxiety, it is always important to remember that the efficacy of the weed is dependent on the quantities you consume and the strain selected to treat symptoms. It is also wise to remember that different strains have different effects on your body and your mind, so be careful with your selection and make sure it suits daily routine.
The way in which you consume marijuana will also affect your treatment plan. For example, vaporizing is a sure-fire method to stop pain quickly, while oils and edibles will take longer to kick-in but manage pain and anxiety levels for longer periods of time.

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