Top 5 Weed Vacation Tips that Will Make Your Experience Fantastic

Weed Vacations

Weed vacations are gaining popularity in states that have legalized medical/recreational marijuana. Previously, such vacations were not common due to the decriminalization of cannabis use and other activities related to it. Like other vacations that people usually go, this one needs to be enjoyable and worth reminiscing. But how many people are getting it right? Well, probably a few who take the time to plan well before beginning it. If you usually take such vacations but feel you are not enjoying to the maximum, then this article is perfect for you. With the right practical tips at hand, you can change your experience the next time you are out. Here are some tips for your consideration:

#1 Don’t Underestimate Edibles

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One of the ways people get it wrong when they go for weed vacations is underestimating the power of edibles. If you are not used to edibles, then do not mistake them for being like pot cookies you tried when your parents were out of town. One of the easiest ways to make things worse than you thought is to take more than the recommended dosage. Though you might not feel the effect immediately after taking, you might not feel good once the THC starts working. Remember that edibles are a little bit different from smoked or vaporized cannabis. So know the amounts that are best for you and stick to those levels only.

#2 Take Your Favorite Strain and Wait

Your Favorite Strain

Results might not be instantaneous. Some strains especially edibles usually take about one hour for your digestive system to process them. Without such useful information, you might take excess amounts because you are not getting the feeling you want. According to health experts, the lungs process edibles/concentrates. That means if you have an event that you would like to enjoy when high on THC, then get the timing right. It’s advisable that you take it at least, an hour before the start of the event. With that, you’ll be okay and under the recommended levels of THC. That’s one of the ways of making sure that you get the most out of your weed vacation.

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#3 Be As Discreet As Possible

Although medical/recreational marijuana is now legal in California and other states, you should not take it anywhere. Remember that the drug remains out of reach for minors and unlicensed individuals. That means when you plan a weed vacation, be sure to take your cannabis at the right place. Though we are yet to see designated places for taking it, it would be appropriate to understand your environment. Don’t take this for granted and end up being prosecuted for offenses you can avoid. You’ll no doubt regret and fail to enjoy your vacation if that happens to you.

We understand that California and other states that accept medical marijuana are in the process of finding safe spaces. But as we wait for the law to become fully operational, let’s be responsible. It remains illegal to smoke weed in public places including parks, sidewalks, outdoors and ski slopes among others. To enjoy your vacation, make sure that you go to places with safe smoking zones and enjoy your recreational weed responsibly. With that, you’ll have a very great time and, of course, enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

#4 Don’t Smoke Everything on Arrival

Smoke Everything on Arrival

A vacation should be enjoyable moments out there for a few days or even weeks. To make the whole stay a memorable one, do not smoke everything on arrival. Have a schedule of what to do, eat and smoke from your first day to the last. Smoking everything on arrival means you’ll not have anything left for the remaining days. Remember that when you go for a vacation, you are going to relax and break away from daily routine. Getting too high on the first day will not be the best thing for you to do. But being merely high is perfect for a start. Weed should give you pleasure from the beginning to the end. Therefore, don’t let something that ought to give you fantastic experience give you the reasons to regret.

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#5 Preserve Your Pot under the Right Conditions

Fresh cannabis is the best and gives maximum pleasure. If your vacation will take more than a week, then device a perfect method of storing your strain from the start to the end of your vacation. You must have heard your friends regretting that they spoilt their weed on the way or while out there. If that happens, you’ll have to content with an almost tasteless stuff. Therefore, get a hard case for storing your weed and make sure it remains fresh throughout your vacation.


Try the above practical tips the next time you are out there. Every time you are planning a weed vacation make sure you take the time to do every important thing. Never rush or just wake up and decide that you are going out. You might not enjoy to the level you want. It’s your responsibility to make it an enjoyable moment that you’ll remember for years. Such times are rare and when you have a chance, make the most out of it. Things can go wrong without a clear plan. You can avoid that if you prepare and get facts/tips for improving the quality of your time during a weed vacation.

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