Top 7 Strains Available for Marijuana Delivery

marijuana delivery

Visiting a marijuana dispensary can be an overwhelming experience.  It isn’t only choosing between strain options that can give new customers anxiety either.  There are price and weight options that are sure to frustrate.  However, there is another way to get what you need without leaving the house.  Marijuana delivery is the way to go if you find yourself overcome with too many options.  So grab your laptop and get ready to place an order.  Here are the 7 cannabis strains available for marijuana delivery now through Pot Valet.

  1. Diamond OG

Diamond OG is a true blue Indica strain.  This flower offers an incredibly strong body high which has been known to induce the ultimate relaxation.  People who swear by Diamond OG also love the euphoric side effects.  However, it should be known that this strain is not ideal for a night out.  After just a few hits, it is more likely that you are destined for a long night in on the couch.  Because of its relaxing effects, Diamond OG is strongly recommended for chronic pain and anxiety.  Also, because of the special way that it is harvested, Diamond OG caps the THC scale at 22%.

  1. AK-47

Hybrid fans rejoice!  AK-47 is now available for marijuana delivery.  This fan favorite hybrid strain is perfect for your next kick back gathering.  This hybrid has been known to give any party a much needed chill vibe.  The most recognizable thing about this strain is the strong smell and flavor.  The mix of earthy undertones with a hint of floral will help guide you into a creative high.  This strain has been known to treat lack of appetite, nausea, and some forms of depression.

  1. Headband Hybrid
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This strong cross strain can usually be found on the platinum shelf of most marijuana dispensaries.  This is because it is a perfect mash-up of two all time cannabis favorites.  Mixing together OG Kush and Sour Diesel offers you the ultimate smooth high.  Not only does this strain greatly improve relaxation, it has also been known to help with stress management.  It should also be said that Headband is one of those strains that you need to lean into.  This means that the effects do not always happen suddenly.  So let it breathe and relax.

  1. Outdoor Blue Dream

Outdoor Blue Dream is the perfect sunny day sativa strain.  This smoke is known to improve creative and promote high energy.  This helps to make Outdoor Blue Dream ideal for a daytime smoke.  While many indica and hybrid strains can leave your body feeling heavy, Outdoor Blue Dream does the exact opposite.  You will also love the flavor of this unique sativa strain.  A little bit of sweetness mixed with just a hint of tart blueberry is all you need to be sky high in a matter of minutes.  Don’t let the sweetness fool you.  This strain can have a large THC count as high as 22%.

  1. Mendo Breath

Once and a while a hybrid strain comes along that has the perfect mix of indica and sativa qualities.  That is exactly what Mendo Breath has for you.  These thick buds may look small, but they pack a serious punch.  You will not only experience instant relaxation, you will feel a strong body tingle high.  This strain is mostly used among chronic pain sufferers but it does much more than that.  When smoked too much, this strain can leave you feeling a little fuzzy so save it for days where your schedule is clear.  Best of all, you can have this strong strain appear right on your doorstep with most marijuana deliveries.

  1. Blueberry
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Blueberry is a classic OG hybrid that has been around for a long time.  It is a well loved strain that seemingly never goes out of style.  This strain is most recognizable by its subtle blue hue.  Besides the cool blue color, this hybrid strain will leave you feeling euphoric, relaxed and happy.  Blueberry is also known to be one incredibly strong strain, so make sure to start slow.  This strain can top the THC scale at as high as 24%. 

  1. Sour OG

Once and a while a strain comes along for marijuana delivery that is too good to pass on.  And that is exactly what Sour OG has set out to do.  This skunky strain can leave you feeling a little listless if you overdo it, so start slowly and work your way up.  You will pleasantly surprised by the citrus notes that will hit your senses.   This helps to make Sour OG perfect for a summertime smoke.  This strain is great for an end of the day unwinding.

Final Thoughts 

Purchasing marijuana doesn’t have to be complicated.  The good thing about using marijuana for medical and recreational purposes is that you have control of your own health and experience.  So skip the hassle and give marijuana delivery a try.  Not only can you get top notch strains right on your doorstep, with Pot Valet you can get them usually within the hour.  Good luck.

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