Top Energetic Strains for Camping

Top Energetic Strains for Camping

It is the season for camping. With winter around the corner, if you have not yet taken full advantage of the great outdoors, then order cannabis delivery and go camping. Hot days, warm nights, and special friends to share it with, California has plenty of camping options for all types of folks. However, the most important item to remember to take along, more than even your tent, is some potent cannabis. 

Marijuana has long had a wonderful relationship with camping, even hiking and other energetic, outdoorsy activities. They work very well together, and if you are a happy pothead, then it is essential that you know which strains are best to take with you. Not all strains make for happy camping, but if you want the right ones for a wild adventure, then here are some tried and tested ones to try: 

  • Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson deserves a place in your camping trip. Winner of the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup, this pure Sativa promises a very cerebral and uplifting high. Bred for Willie Nelson himself, this is the perfect strain to wake up to, a welcome addition to your breakfast campfire. It is an incredibly motivating strain, and it will give you the energy to explore your surroundings to your heart’s content. 

You will feel its effects immediately, an excitable euphoria and deep sense of wellbeing. Willie Nelson is also famous for inspiring creativity, so take your camera with you, your art supplies, your journal, even your dusty guitar. Ideal for daytime use, this delightful strain will start your day outdoors on a happy note, and it will pick you up again if you tire by the afternoon. 

  • Alaskan Thunderfuck

Alaskan Thunderfuck has been popular since the 1970s already. This Sativa-dominant strain is perfect for any camping trip and outdoor adventure. It will get you climbing mountains, hiking forests, finding artefacts. Although this hybrid is highly relaxing, it also promises a euphoric high you will never forget. However, because of its potency, you may want to wait a while after a few hits before having any more. 

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This powerful hybrid is a creeper. Effects are gradual, but worth the wait. Once they hit you, however, it will heighten all of your senses, give you a major energy boost, and make you feel happily sociable, just what you need for chatting with friends around a campfire. Alaskan Thunderfuck will inspire you and leave you feeling perfectly silly, in that wonderful, completely stoned way. 

  • Alien OG

Alien OG is not advisable for first time users, so go slow with it if you are a novice. With THC levels measuring around 28 percent, it is among the most potent strains available today. Although this is an Indica-dominant strain, it promises pure fire, ideal for rainy camping days and sitting around the fire of an evening. It is best for late afternoon, even nighttime use, especially after a hard day of exploration.

The beauty of Alien OG for camping is its psychedelic effects. Despite being Indica-dominant, it remains a favorite strain for outdoor activities, no matter where you are, especially for stargazing, relaxing around a waterfall, walking in nature, and stimulating heady conversation. Effects hit immediately, and because it is a very trippy strain, it will amplify the beauty of your surroundings. 

  • LSD

As its name implies, this particular strain is famously psychedelic too. Its trippy effects are legendary and perfect for any camping trip. Despite being an Indica strain, LSD promises a notably energetic high that guarantees intense stimulation of the mind. This is a great strain for digging up historical artefacts, making arrows, or otherwise busying yourself in the great outdoors. 

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However, the cerebral effects of LSD last two or three hours, making it most suitable for late afternoon and evening use. When the initial euphoria wears off, its Indica genetics kick in to numb body and soul, while helping you relax after a long day spent rafting, hiking, and otherwise running around outdoors. It is also a great conversationalist, perfect for sitting around the campfire for hours with friends. 

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These days, there are hundreds of cannabis strains on the market, thousands actually. All of them are unique, with their own cannabinoid profiles, potencies, and effects. If you are going camping, then it is important to remember this when you order cannabis delivery. Not all strains are equal. Some will put you to sleep the entire trip, while others will ensure you get out enjoying it and exploring. 

The consensus is that Sativa and Sativa-dominant strains typically provide more energy than Indicas and Indica-dominant ones. This is not always true, but it is a good guideline to follow when heading outdoors and needing motivation for hiking, rafting, swimming, or otherwise just enjoying the sun. Some are suitable for daytime use; others will knock you out at day’s end. Remember this for happy camping. 

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