Top Four Strains to Be Thankful For This Holiday

Top Four Marijuana Strains

Having some amazing bud is one of the best ways to get through the holidays. But, how do you choose? Here are some of the top strains to be thankful for this year.

The holidays are the best time to take stock of what is really important. To cannabis lovers, nothing is more important than the perfect bud. In fact, nothing helps you get through the bustle of holidays and family members more than the perfect flower. Luckily for you, this year garnered some of the best top shelf cannabis on the market. Here are the top four marijuana strains of the holiday that are available for delivery from Pot Valet.

1.  Flo

Hybrid fans know the worth of a truly amazing sativa dominant strain. DJ Short’s Flo is a wild bud that is sure to keep you going throughout the holidays. This is because sativa hybrids are meant to give energy while still allowing you to relax. While this strain isn’t a new one, it is making a comeback. Flo won the Cannabis Cup back in 1996 and still surprises people to this day. When it comes to premium bud, nothing beats a classic.

This strain is most recognizable by its bright purple hairs and fibers that magically seem to float around the flower. The rich fruit shaped buds are easy to spot and even easier to smoke. Much like other Afghani strains, Flo has a true earthy taste with a special buzz. If you’re interested in picking up Flo for this holiday check out above.

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2.  Black Cherry Soda

The number one problem that many people face during the holidays is anxiety. This can be due to the extra stress or even facing family that you often hide from. One of the best ways to combat this aching anxious feeling is with a strong indica strain. Black Cherry Soda is a rich and sweet indica bud that is perfect for calming those jumpy nerves.

Before you jump into a gram of Black Cherry Soda, be careful. This strain is not for the weak of heart and not recommended if you are planning on doing heavy cooking. Black Cherry Soda is much more of a sedation strain than other indica strains. So take it easy and relax. Find everything you need to know about this settling strain at above mentioned link.

3. Cheddar Cheese

The holidays are all about indulgence and enjoying the rich flavors of fall. Shouldn’t your bud also be packed with flavor? Cheddar Cheese is an amazing hybrid for the holidays. This hybrid is almost a perfectly equal balance of sativa and indica. This way you can get the right amount of energy to bake a pie while also relieving your holiday anxiety. The most recognizable thing about Cheddar Cheese is the super strong flavor. While there is a slight cheese taste, most fans describe it as slightly earthy and skunky.

Most cannabis lovers who use Cheddar Cheese notice that there is a complete sense of euphoria after smoking it. This hybrid is also known to leave you relaxed and calm. Most importantly for the holidays, this strain will help you be ready to eat! Find out more at above link.

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4.  Endless Sky

While the holidays can be a fun time to gather, they are a lot of work. From cooking to cleaning and entertaining, they can be extremely draining on your mind and body. The best way to unwind after a long holiday is with a super strong indica strain. Endless Sky is a great option for you because it relaxes the mind and body. Endless Sky can actually work to reset you so that you wake refreshed the next day.

Because of its amazing calming properties, Endless Sky is often used for medicinal purposes. This includes arthritis and chronic pain relief. This may be exactly what you need after a long hard working holiday. Best of all, this amazing strain is available for marijuana delivery. For more information on Endless Sky, check out  at above.

Wrapping it up!

With the right bud, there is no reason why you can’t champion through the holiday season without skipping a beat. By trying one of these four top strains of the season, you guaranteeing a good time for yourself. Just make sure that you are getting the best strain for your situation. If you are looking to relax, try a nice indica dominant hybrid. If you need to power through cooking and hosting, give a strong sativa a try. Just remember the most important thing about the holidays is sharing and caring for others. So bring enough bud to pass around! Good luck

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