Top Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief

marijuana strain for pain

Chronic pain is a difficult symptom to manage, and with the current opioid situation in the United States, it is no wonder that more alternative methods are being embraced. In fact, this is the number one reason that new people are turning to cannabis when just years before it wouldn’t have even been uttered as an option.

There are many reports from users saying that cannabis has greatly helped in the management of their chronic pain, however, there are others who have not found this to be the case. One simple reason for this is that they are simply using the wrong strain. Weed is not just weed, especially not in today’s day. Weed is a colorful tapestry of strains with different compounds and some strains are just geared towards easing chronic pain. There are some marijuana strains that are good for pain relief but are not the marijuana strain to help you sleep.

So, in an effort to ease the confusion as well as your chronic pain, the following list of strains can help you on your journey to find marijuana strains for both pain and sleep relief.


Harlequin is famous for its usefulness as a medicinal strain. Harlequin contains a myriad of antioxidants and is most effective for helping ease the pain of those suffering from neurogenerative illnesses, arthritis, and brain trauma.

The experience

You can prepare yourself for a tranquil high, one that still allows mental stimulation but has enough mellowness to keep you feeling relaxed.

The Taste

Earth and musty, like you, are standing in the center of a forest.

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Another strain famous for its anti-inflammatory uses, Cannatonic is steadfast in terpenes and CBD. Traditionally, Cannatonic will not have a THC level that reaches above 6%. This strain is used successfully during the day and its low THC level will steer your mind clear of any cerebral adventures.

The Experience

Taking you on a gentle journey, the Cannatonic is perhaps one of the most popular for those looking to ease their pain. The onset is gentle and can be described as a glass of perfectly steamed milk, soft and sensual, it eases your pain and gets you smiling again.

The Taste

As previously mentioned, Cannatonic has high levels of terpenes. These guys are responsible for the smell and the taste of the plant. Cannatonic has feminine hints of lavender that enables the calming effect. complimenting the lavender, you will find hints of florals with an uplifting hint of spice and musk.

Afghan Kush

The Afghan Kush is a powerful marijuana strain pain relief, popular among many users. Due to the Afghan Kush being a close 100% full-force indica, it is also a great marijuana strain for sleep. This strain gives you a solid couch locked feeling, so beware, this strain is better left for night time use or for days when you need to chill out and have no deadlines or social interactions. The effects of Afghan Kush are felt in muscular pain, and people have also reported success in using Afghan Kush to ease the pain that has come from inflammation.

The Experience

The Afghan Kush is a heavy indica, so heavy that it is advised that you completely clear your schedule before using the Afghan Kush. This couch lock is, however, one of the surest signs of a strong pain reliever.

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The Taste

The taste is rather potent and has a distinct spiciness to lift your palette.

White Widow

Traditionally, the white widow is a perfect balance between sativa and indica. This hybrid will bring you pain relief with both a cerebral, psychoactive high and a relaxed, peaceful sensation. This strain has been reported to be especially useful in easing the pain that results from inflammation in the muscles, especially in the back. Due to the white widow’s balanced nature, you can still expect to have a productive day (even more so if the White Widow can ease inhibiting chronic pain) after consumption.

The Experience

The sedation is set throughout the body however in your mind you will feel an increased sharpness and crystalline clarity. If you have to sit at a desk or to stand for periods that can aggravate your chronic pain, then this marijuana strain for pain relief is a great choice.

The Taste

Another slightly lavender hinted scent, the White Widow is accompanied by notes of pine and slight mango.

Still, unsure which strain to select from? Why not try out the different strains suggested and you will find one that responds best to your system.

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