Top Tips for Selecting the Best Marijuana Seeds

Best Marijuana Seeds

The success of a grow starts with the seeds. Choices are so many, it can easily overwhelm. Options were very limited not that long ago, but in these days of legalized Marijuana Seeds, innovation has been vast and rapid. Thousands of different strains exist, each with their own potential issues when growing. However, with just a few tips, you can avoid the worst of them. Mistakes happen. Do not panic when they do.


Price is extremely important. Cheaper than searching “weed delivery near me,” growing your own has many cost benefits. If you can afford the market’s priciest seeds, then go for it, but being more expensive does not determine quality. This is especially true if your first grow, at a time you know not what you do, but are still learning.

If you are a complete beginner, it may be wise to leave the priciest, top shelf strains until you gain some experience. Regardless of how much reading and research you do, you will never be an expert until you grow your own several times over. Some seeds are mold- and pest-proof, but you will pay more for them and, if a problem should occur, will cost more to lose than a cheaper crop.

Sativa vs. Indica

Choosing between Sativa and Indica can prove more trying, depending somewhat on your circumstances. The consensus among growers is that Indicas are easier for novices, largely due to them flowering faster. Furthermore, the anticipation of waiting for your plants to grow and be ready for harvesting, and then still drying and curing, can create an impatience not suitable for delicate Sativas.

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Sativas require time. Care. Dedication. They are less forgiving of mistakes, unless the very hardy Indicas. However, preference does not always matter. Your situation may well decide for you. Indica-dominant strains can be sedating, which is not popular with all, and Sativas are ideal for many medical uses. You must experiment with Sativas and Indicas, and then choose seeds from the ones you most prefer.

Feminized vs. Regular

Regular seeds contain a mixture of boys and girls. Female seeds are what you want, which males being undesirable. Feminized seeds contain only females. Although regular seeds are notably cheaper than feminized seeds, they are not recommendable for first-time growers. The extra expense will more than pay for itself. You want to minimize problems, and having only females promises much peace of mind.

The worst is that you find a wayward male in your crop. He will pollinate all of your plants, ruining months of hard work, and forcing you to rely on Los Angeles marijuana delivery until your next harvest. If males pollinate females, you will get seeds. Plenty of them. Plants will expend less energy producing cannabinoids, focusing on making seeds instead. This will reduce the quality of your buds significantly.

Autoflowering vs. Not

You will also need to decide if you want autoflowering seeds or not. This is a new trend, as autoflowering seeds were not available in the past. They are ideal for beginners, since they combine traits from most variations. They are also affordable, typically feminized, and Indica-dominant. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, they grow quickly everywhere and are very forgiving.

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However, autoflowering plants are usually smaller than those that flower seasonally. You will not get as much bud as you would planting non-autoflowering seeds. Autoflowering seeds are excellent for novices to experiment with first grow, but if you are using cannabis medicinally, or need to produce higher quantities, then autoflowering seeds might not be what you need.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Another factor to consider when buying seeds is where to grow them, and if you are willing to put the extra time and effort needed for your climate. It is easier to grow indoors than it is to grow outside. It gives you complete control over environmental conditions. It does have disadvantages, though. Indoor grow spaces are pricy to set up. They use electricity, and require a great deal more of your energy.

Once you decide whether to grow inside or out, selecting seeds becomes easier. Some strains grow best outside, particularly the Himalayan, African and Middle Eastern landrace strains. Breeders create modern hybrids more suited to growing indoors. That is not to say that you cannot grow indoor strains outside, or vice versa, just that for a newbie, this may prove sound advice.

Choosing Seeds

When selecting actual seeds, it helps to plant those most likely to germinate into healthy, productive plants. While it is impossible to know what a seed will produce, there are some ways of knowing its viability. This is especially important before you waste valuable time, energy, and water germinating a seed that will never thrive. There are three considerations to factor into your final choice:

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· Pattern

The pattern visible on a seed can indicate the type of strain it is. For example, Indica seeds are bigger, and they tend to have a stripy look to them. Sativas are often without a distinct pattern altogether, with some showing solid colors exclusively, no patterns at all.

· Colors

Healthy cannabis seeds are bursting with color. They are darker, with a shiny black, dark brown, even tanned appearance. Seeds that are immature, having not developed fully yet, are often green. It is advisable to discard green seeds or those lighter in color. The lighter the seed, the less viable it is.

· Strength

How hard is the seed? The harder a seed, the healthier it is. Soft seeds are yet to mature, so you want hard shells, as hard as can be. These provide protection to the valuable life inside. Soft shells often come with damaged or otherwise unhealthy seeds.

Los Angeles Marijuana Delivery

With just some knowledge, you should now feel confident enough to buy quality, affordable seeds that will give you some amazing buds. However, growing them is the next step, and it comes with its own set of challenges. If you start with good seeds, then your chances of success are naturally higher, but if you do encounter issues, then searching “weed delivery near me” will forever be an option.

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