Toronto to Host 3rd Annual Marijuana Investment Summit

Cannabis investment summit

Canada just opened up for legal marijuana business. This week, the country legalizes recreational cannabis nationwide amid much anticipation from investors, companies, and consumers alike. Kahner Global plans to celebrate this milestone by hosting its 3rd Annual Cannabis Private Investment Summit in Toronto, where cannabis business opportunities will be up for much discussion.

About Kahner Global

Founded by Noa Kahner in 2015, Kahner Global is an international firm specializing in curating high-level investor events and conferences. The Cannabis Private Investment Summits are the crème de la crème of conferences for very high-net-worth investors, family offices, and institutional investors. Usually held in New York City, Fort Lauderdale, and Beverly Hills, it now moves to Toronto, with San Francisco next.

These summits are highly sought after. They offer an extremely bespoke conference experience that connects investors and entrepreneurs with potentially lucrative deals. Kahner started her career as Head of Business Development at an institutional investor conference firm. While there, she organized conferences throughout the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Noa has an impressive list of credentials. She attended Baruch College at the Zicklin School of Business, where she graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Then, in 2014, Kahner joined the Milken Young Leadership Circle, where she still sits on its steering committee. In just three years, she built Kahner Global into a premier conference company.

Lucrative Cannabis Business Opportunities

This year’s 3rd Annual Cannabis Investment Summit has a line of opportunities for anyone wanting to grab them. Investors, sponsor companies, and speakers will gather for a full day of pitches and panels on October 23. Sponsor and co-host, Bennet Jones, LLP, will provide the premises for the summit, which will include a range of essential topics.

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Expect high-profile investors and entrepreneurs to discuss the future of both medical and recreational marijuana, current and future investments in real estate and cannabis ventures, legal challenges, and prospects for taking companies public, manufacturing, extraction, and even big alcohol entering the marijuana fray, among many others.

The summit promises a global leader in educational conferences, offered solely to those investors interested in capitalizing a burgeoning marijuana industry,  those of exclusively high net worth, of course. Each yearly summit that Kahner Global organizes hosts roughly one hundred investors, which are highly vetted, and another choice group of thought leaders, top entrepreneurs, and industry movers.

Marijuana Investment Speakers

According to Ranjeev Dhillon, or Ranj for short, the summit’s co-host and a partner at Bennet Jones, LLP, “Noa’s Cannabis Private Investment Summits have become go-to conferences for serious, focused, high net worth investors looking for industry-leading investment opportunities. The conversations are robust, informative, and timely, and the network results in market-moving connections.”

This year’s summit in Toronto offers leaders in the finance, business, public service, and cannabis sectors, all slated to speak to those attending. They are:

  • Rehan Huda, Chief Executive Officer at Green Sky Labs, the Summit’s primary sponsor
  • Aaron Salz, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Stoic Advisory Incorporated
  • Max Mausner, Senior Analyst at Vantage Asset Management Incorporated
  • Daniel Pearlstein, Executive Vice President at Strategy and Canopy Rivers
  • Douglas J. Hannah, Managing Director at Silverleaf Advisors, LLC
  • Ryan Ansin of Ansin Investments, LLC
  • Arthur H. Kwan, Master of Business Administration, President, and Chief Executive Officer at CannaIncome Fund
  • Sam Znaimer of WGD Partners
  • Mowgli Holmes of Phylos Bioscience
  • Daniel Sax, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Sensi Properties
  • Dooma Wendschuh, Co-Founder of Province Brands
  • Kevin McGovern, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at McGovern Capital and The Water Initiative
  • Jose Bacellar, President and Chief Executive Officer at VerdeMed
  • Benjamin Caplan, Managing Director at CED Clinic
  • Colin Webster, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Hero Ventures Limited
  • Pat McCutcheon, Chief Executive Officer at MediPharm Labs
  • Joel Sherlock, Chairman and Co-Founder at Vitalis Extraction Technology
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Marijuana Business Summit

Kahner Global’s 3rd Annual Cannabis Private Investment Summit promises to attract the who’s who of the global marijuana industry. With cannabis just going legal in Canada, Toronto is an obvious location for the gathering of innovative minds. If you would like an invitation, the address for the conference, or just a full list of speakers and this year’s agenda, please visit Kahner Global’s website directly.

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  1. Avatar for Dorothy Dorothy October 22, 2018 / 10:48 am / Reply

    I want to go to the one in San Francisco, seems interesting

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    Very interesting!! love it

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