Treating Knee Pain with CBD

Pain Management

For billions of people worldwide, pain is an everyday experience. Knee pain is especially common, affecting all types of people, of all ages, for a variety of reasons, from injury to medical issues. Since people use their knees almost constantly throughout the day, knee pain is chronic and prevalent. Pain can be a result of an issue with any part of the knee, from the cartilage to bone, ligaments, and joints.

Most people with chronic knee pain spend their lives taking over-the-counter painkillers. If particularly severe, there may even be prescription drugs, even surgery, talks with their doctors. Although visiting your physician is essential to overall good health, you may want to discuss alternative forms of pain therapy, the most effective of which is cannabidiol, or CBD.

Before searching for “weed delivery near me,” know that CBD is not the same as tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Although both important cannabinoids, CBD is non-psychoactive and will not make you stoned. In Vacaville, you can only get marijuana-derived CBD if you have a Medical Marijuana Card. If you do not have one, then you can buy hemp-derived CBD either online or in health food stores across the state.

CBD promises a much safer option for treating knee pain than prescription drugs do, such as opioids, which cause an array of severe side effects that can result in addiction, even death. Even easily available painkillers, such as Ibuprofen, can cause major damage to the stomach lining, kidneys, and liver when taken irresponsibly. If you suffer daily knee pain, then CBD may just offer you a better alternative.

Knee Pain and Its Many Causes

If you ignore a slight ache, it can fast turn into a bigger problem. It could start with a little stiffness, even some swelling, but before long, your knee appears inflamed and feels warm when you touch it. Soon, it starts weakening, even making cracking or popping noises whenever you move. It may become difficult to straighten your knee. These are signs of severe injury, quite possibly a notable medical issue.

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Many disorders and injuries cause chronic knee pain, the most common of which include:

  • Arthritis
  • Dislocated Knee Cap
  • Tendinitis
  • Torn Meniscus, the knee’s shock-absorbing cartilage
  • Fractures
  • ACL Injuries, common among sports lovers

However, other injuries or even lifestyle conditions can cause terrible knee pain. Those who carry more weight than is good for them often have knee pain. The daily wear and tear of carrying excess weight can wreak havoc on your knees, particularly if your job requires constant movement of the knee joint in a repetitive motion.

CBD Helps Knee Pain

Although surgery may be necessary in some cases, most knee pain is not that serious. Surgery does not always fix the issue either, since patients who undergo surgery often still struggle with sore knees. If you are consuming either over-the-counter drugs or prescription medications on a frequent basis to manage the pain, then it just might be time for you to consider trying CBD.

The reason CBD is so effective is that it works with the body naturally to offer a variety of extremely positive benefits. It interacts with specialized receptors of the endocannabinoid system, found throughout the human body, to influence major functions, such as neural function, immunity, mood, digestion, memory, and yes, even pain and inflammation.

The endocannabinoid system manufacturers its own cannabinoids to execute these duties. However, as the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains, phytocannabinoids, or those found in marijuana plants, such as CBD and THC, are also able to activate the endocannabinoid system, especially CBD. For this reason, CBD is effective in treating a wide array of medical conditions.

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How CBD Works for Knee Pain

Regardless of what causes your knee pain, CBD offers a range of different benefits that can help to alleviate the discomfort. When you consume CBD or use CBD products topically, the cannabidiol works naturally, and within the body’s own endocannabinoid system, to alleviate the pain. Here are some interesting ways it achieves this:

Relieves Pain

Most notably, CBD is a scientifically proven, highly effective painkiller. Cannabidiol interacts with endocannabinoid receptors in the brain to influence pain perception, in essence stopping the transmission of pain signals. In this way, it promises desperately needed pain relief.

Reduces Inflammation

Since inflammation is the primary cause of all pain, even knee pain, it is vital that you treat the underlying inflammation, as well. Science shows CBD with powerful anti-inflammatory properties, so whether your pain is because of an injury or a medical condition, CBD can reduce the inflammation.

Aids Relaxation

One of the most famous effects of CBD is deep relaxation. When you consume cannabidiol, it will help to relax and aching and stiff joints. Since CBD is able to loosen tension, it is uniquely able to relax the knee and help to relieve the pressure on it.

Manages Blood Pressure

CBD is capable of improving blood circulation. Healthy circulation is vital to good health and it is essential to both relieving pain and aiding in recovery, particularly if you have had any knee surgery. Many studies prove CBD effective at lowering and maintaining blood pressure.

Using CBD for Knee Pain

In the past, smoking marijuana was the only way people knew how to consume it. These days, however, you have choices. There are many ways to consume CBD, and since advancements in technology led to an increase of different products and concentrated forms of CBD, there are even more products to use. Each is effective in its own unique way, so you must decide which works best for you:

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Vaping or Smoking

You can inhale CBD for immediate pain relief. Smoking and vaping promises the fastest results, which is ideal if you need pain relief now. However, since effects do not last particularly long when inhaled, you may need to dose often.


Tinctures, including CBD oils, promise another method of quick pain relief. Since method of administration occurs via absorption by the mucous membranes of the mouth, it quickly enters the bloodstream. Swallowing CBD will take longer. Like edibles, it goes through the digestive system first.


CBD oils, creams, salves, and other topical CBD products offer direct, targeted pain relief to a localized area, such as the knee. Simply apply it to the painful area. However, it can take as long as an hour for the skin to absorb CBD and affect pain relief, effects last a long time, sometimes up to six hours.

Weed Delivery Vacaville

When searching for “weed delivery near me,” remember that hemp-derived CBD is legal. However, it is not as effective as CBD derived from marijuana plants. If your knee pain is chronic and deserves the best treatment, then consider cannabis-derived CBD for maximum results. Weed delivery Vacaville takes 45 minutes or less, so you can have relief faster than you could get it yourself.

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