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buy medical marijuana online

Marijuana is on a growth path. As more states and countries legalize marijuana cannabis, more benefits are being uncovered. Marijuana has many medical benefits. Usually, marijuana users smoke the herb or have it in a product such as a brownie. But, another option is raw cannabis drinks. Making these drinks is quite easy, just buy medical marijuana online and get ingredients, blend and you’re ready to drink.

The green juice phenomenon

Healthy eating has been on the rise for a while now. More persons are keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many have taken up a regular exercise regimen. And many have made special diets to help with a fully rounded healthy routine. There have been carbohydrate diets, more popularly known as a ‘carb’ diet, a fruit diet and many others. One such other diet is a juice diet. A juice diet usually means juice for all meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the juice is of course packed with protein. The most popular juice is the green juice. The juice is green through and through, green in its ingredients and green in the finished product.

buy medical marijuana online

The green juice has been wildly popular among the healthy enthusiasts. Some use it for dieting purposes. Some use it to cleanse the body. Some use it as a means to lose weight. Whatever the purpose, the green juice is popular because it works. And no doubt will the raw cannabis drink, the marijuana version of green juice, work as well. With the marijuana industry growing and more online dispensaries, persons wanting to have the raw cannabis drink can buy medical marijuana online and juice away.

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The marijuana green juice

You can make the raw cannabis drink anyway you like it. Get your fruits and vegetables at your local grocery store. And get buy medical marijuana online from a dispensary. has a couple tried and tested recipes. The first is called Fresh Green. This recipe calls for coconut water, avocado, cilantro, parsley, limejuice, honey, chai seeds and of course fresh cannabis. The other recipe is the Bananarama. This banana concoction calls for banana, cocoa, almond milk, peanut butter and fresh cannabis. Both recipes can be made in a blender. One thing to note is that the marijuana is quite stringy so it would be best to finely chop the fresh cannabis before putting it in the blender.

The raw cannabis drink is only for medicinal purposes. This is because the raw plant is what is used in the mixture. The raw plant brings out the cannabidiol (CDB) attribute in the marijuana cannabis. The CDB has more medical applications than the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

Making your own raw cannabis drink is easy, buy medical marijuana online, get your fruits and vegetables, and blend away.

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