Understanding Concentrates: A Guide for Beginners

Understanding Concentrates: A Guide For Beginners

The world of marijuana concentrates is overwhelming for even cannabis connoisseurs. Most newbies have no idea where to start with them, but you should not feel intimidated. Many products are ideal for beginners, provided you know a few basics about them first. Concentrates are notoriously potent, much more than flowers, but once you figure out the right dosage, you are sure to keep some with your stash. 

Understanding Potency, Dosage, and Effects

Concentrates promise a range of effects that all depend on which cannabinoids are present, and in which quantities. Some promise a wildly euphoric buzz, others gentle relaxation. Still, others offer non-psychoactive relief from medical symptoms. Before typing “THC wax for Sale” into Google, know that the concentrate you choose should depend on the effects you desire and your reason for using it:

  • Concentrates high in THC will give you a potent, euphoric high. 
  • Those with an equal blend of THC and CBD are more suitable for a balanced, gentle high.
  • Products high in CBD and low in THC provide therapeutic relief without the high. 

If you want to feel very stoned, then a product high in THC is what you want, but remember to start slowly and dose moderately until you figure out the best dose for you. Even microdosing can be all you require to find relief from anxiety, lack of focus, or even stifled creativity. CBD may not make you high, but dosage remains crucial: Some need higher doses, others lower, depending on the condition treated. 

Understanding Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is but one cannabinoid of many in cannabis plants. CBD oil concentrates this non-psychoactive compound as its primary ingredient, promising all the benefits of cannabis without the high and smoke. CBD oil is popular for relieving stress, pain, anxiety, inflammation, and honestly, most other symptoms of a disease, and in some cases, even the diseases themselves. 

However, CBD oil and hemp oil are not always the same. Hemp, as a member of the cannabis family, produces high quantities of CBD, making it ideal for extracting this compound. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, marijuana bred selectively to produce higher CBD levels along with a full spectrum of other cannabinoids is notably more effective than hemp-derived CBD. 

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It is vital that you research the oil that buys. You want it pure, free of harmful contaminants, such as heavy metals, residual solvents, and pesticides and made by a trusted supplier. CBD oil incorporates various different concentrates, from tinctures to RSO, topicals, capsules, edibles, and more. There is seemingly no limit to the different CBD products on offer, derived from both hemp and marijuana. 

Understanding Kief

If you examine quality buds closely, you will notice a layer of trichomes. It looks like a dusting of crystals, which is the basis of kief. Trichomes come from the plant’s resin glands. They are small, sticky, and contain all the cannabinoids a plant produces, including tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and all other compounds that work together to create a plant’s effects. 

For centuries, perhaps throughout history, people have been harvesting these trichomes, or kief, to make into a hash and other concentrates. Kief is easily collectible. It gathers in your grinder, sticks to your scissors, and is ideal for making your own hash. However, most people just buy it and sprinkle it over their bowls or joints to increase potency. Consider this a warning, as kief is just that: Insanely potent. 

Understanding Vaping Oil

Pre-filled vape pens are the best, simplest option for newbies to concentrates. You only need a cartridge filled with an oil of your choice and a battery. Dosing is easy, adjustable even, by just clicking a button, with some vaporizers activating on their own the moment they sense you inhaling. You can find cartridges with different flavors, strains, potencies, and even effects. You can choose your mood. 

If you want a euphoric high, then choose a cartridge high in THC. For low-key relaxation, go for one higher in CBD. You will need to experiment some to find the strain, flavor, and potency you most enjoy. The majority of vaping oil comes derived using supercritical CO2 extraction methods, which use pressure and carbon dioxide to separate cannabinoids for extraction. 

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Understanding Rick Simpson Oil

Back in 2003, Rick Simpson made a cannabis concentrate at home to treat his skin cancer. Now called RSO in honor of him, this oil uses solvents to extract compounds, primarily isopropyl alcohol and naphtha. The result is a thick, dark oil once the solvent evaporates fully. RSO is versatile. You can ingest it orally, add it to drinks and food, sprinkle joints with it, and even apply it directly to your skin. 

Although Rick Simpson has made his recipe freely available to everyone, many companies are making their own versions of RSO, some high in THC, others high in CBD, and still others with equal amounts of both. RSO does not taste good, but it is a very good choice for medical use, and if made according to the original recipe or from high-THC plants, RSO is among the most potent concentrates in existence. 

Understanding Tinctures

Before the United States started prohibition in 1937, cannabis was a popular medicine. It was available in tincture form, which is a liquid concentrate extracted with alcohol to obtain its primary compounds. Tinctures are easy: You just apply a drop or two directly under the tongue and hold it there for 30 seconds. Effects can take half an hour to kick in, sometimes longer, so be patient before having more. 

As with oils and vaporizers, tinctures come in various flavors and potencies, with some derived from specific strains to make choosing effects as easy as possible. Whether you are looking for a potent THC high or just fast-acting relief from medical symptoms, tinctures work wonders and remain incredibly popular today, just as they were back then. 

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Understanding Capsules 

Capsule concentrates come in precise dosages. They are easily digestible and filled with THC, CBD, or any combination of the two, as well as various other cannabinoids. Because you can choose the compounds most appealing to you, as well as their exact measurements, they promise a predictable, controlled cannabis experience that makes it very easy for newbies to join the community. 

However, not all capsules contain the dosages advertised on their labels. For this reason, it is important to ensure those you buy all go for independent testing at a laboratory to confirm cannabinoid levels. When starting out, choose a low-dose capsule, such as five milligrams, and increase it incrementally until you identify the best dose for you. Effects can take as long as two hours, so be patient. 

Understanding Hash

Hash has a thousand-year-old history. Back then, hash making was more than just tradition, and this remains true today. Conventional methods of making hash involve compressing resin into hard chunks that frequently boast THC levels as high as 60 percent, sometimes more. Average buds, in comparison, generally produce between 15 percent and 25 percent THC. Hash is insanely potent. 

Today, technology has revolutionized the production of hash. Other methods besides compression exist now, and they include using ice water, sieves, and even mechanical pressure to guarantee a hash of exceptional quality and purity, even consistency. As with all other concentrates, the effects of hash are very strain and potency dependent, so always check labels before you buy. 

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Before searching “weed edibles near me” in your favorite search engine, take the time to do your homework. Research is integral to finding the best concentrates for you, especially if it is your first time trying them. Notorious for being more potent than other weed products, concentrates are not for the faint of heart. They require some bravery, some experimentation, the effort of which is well worth it. 


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