Using Cannabis to Treat Insomnia

Cannabis to Treat Insomnia

Insomnia afflicts huge swathes of the population. Thirty-three percent of adults, in fact. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, at least one-third of society counts sheep at night. They lie awake tossing, turning, unable to sleep. Although tranquilizers and sedatives are available to help get shuteye, they are dangerous. Addictive. Oft deadly. Now, cannabis delivery? Science proves it safe and effective.

How Cannabis Helps

Cannabinoids are exclusive to cannabis plants. They contain hundreds of them. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of them, famed for its many therapeutic uses. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is another, even more famed for its psychoactive effects. Strains high in CBD often contain high levels of the terpene Myrcene, which is sleepy. Of course, THC droops heads too, especially potent Indica strains.

All of these compounds, and others, interact with the body’s own endocannabinoid system. It is how they work, and it is why they work so effectively. The tranquilizing effects of some cannabis strains are so sedating they quell muscular spasms. Instantly. Stop seizures, end convulsions. CBD relaxes the nervous system, thereby regulating appetite, pain perception, memory, mood, and yes, sleep.

Since CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids mimic how naturally occurring endocannabinoids act in the body, they are able to offer support and act similarly wherever necessary. If the endocannabinoid system makes too few endocannabinoids or otherwise malfunctions, sleep cycles get strange and folks develop other health problems. Cannabinoids effectively heal the endocannabinoid system, which then:

·  Lowers Anxiety

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, stress and anxiety are to blame for many sleepless nights. It makes sense, then, that reducing stress and anxiety will notably improve sleep for many. Since the sleepy effects of weed are among its most recognizable effects, and most widely studied too, the ability of cannabis to relieve insomnia cannot go understated.

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Stress is a nervous system activator. It excites the nervous system, even when it must rest. Ultimately, this prevents the body getting the sleep it needs to detoxify, heal, and generate new cells. In fact, weed delivery is fast becoming the go-so solution for relieving stress-related issues, and quickly. It works by interacting intimately with both the endocannabinoid and nervous systems, restoring balance and calm.

Studies also show cannabinoids affecting mental function, and in a few important and beneficial ways. It relaxes the mind, preventing it from overthinking, another major contributor to insomnia. It quells racing thoughts. Using marijuana to manage anxiety is easily the most effective sleeping aid. It fights bouts of insomnia directly, those that stop you getting enough shuteye at night.

·Regulates Sleep

CBD is especially helpful when it comes to rebalancing and regulating sleeping patterns. It effectively manages to stabilize wayward sleep cycles. Because CBD stimulates endocannabinoid system function and supports it in times of stress, it is directly able to influence sleeping habits. The endocannabinoid system has the job of monitoring sleep patterns. Cannabinoids are highly compatible with it.

Studies also show cannabinoids lengthening sleep times significantly too. They enable you to sleep much longer uninterrupted. This alone promises notably more energy and mental clarity during the day. Research also indicates that CBD might play a crucial role in promoting REM sleep. The REM cycle is one of the deepest ones, making it especially important in getting sufficient rest.

What is more, evidence shows cannabinoids inducing both physical and emotional calm. This allows them to address symptoms of sleep apnea and insomnia. Eventually, over time, frequent cannabis use can actually repair sleeping patterns and fix them again for the long-term. For many with severe sleep disorders, this alleviates the debilitating effects of sleep deficiencies.

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·Reduces Pain

Pain is a primary cause of sleeplessness. Millions suffer pain every night around the world. Chronic pain is a leading cause of sleep disorders over time. Fortunately, the painkilling effects of cannabis are widespread knowledge already. Everybody who has ever tried weed knows this, and knows it powerful enough even for severe pain, such as arthritis, neuralgia, and muscle spasms. Now, science proves it too.

Many studies show that cannabinoids can directly manipulate pain perception by either stimulating or silencing endocannabinoid neurotransmitters, or receptors. They also intercept pain signaling, preventing transmission. This allows you to mitigate pain better. You can change how you feel it in your body. Additionally, cannabis relaxes tense muscles, further releasing discomfort.

Using Cannabis for Insomnia

You can consume cannabis in a few different ways, each with their own unique effects. How much you consume and how you take it will affect how it affects you, and greatly. The faster cannabinoids reach the bloodstream, the quicker you feel effects. However, the most effective method is seldom the fastest. Your situation should determine what method and dose would work best for you:

  • Inhaling weed is the most common and easiest way to use it. It is also the fastest, since smoke travels directly from your lungs to your bloodstream. You feel effects almost immediately. This is why smoking will always be popular.
  • Eating weed is another favorite method of consumption. However, it is not particularly fast. It works very slowly. You can wait as long as two hours to find relief, since it travels through the digestive and metabolic systems before entering the bloodstream.
  • Absorbing weed is a potent and fast-acting way to use it. This works with cannabis extracts, such as tinctures and oils. Place a drop or two under your tongue and leave it there for a minute or so. This will give time for the mucus membranes in your mouth to absorb it directly into the bloodstream.
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Marijuana Delivery in Los Angeles

If you want to get some sleep, consider cannabis. A simple Google search for “weed delivery near me” will give you several options, without even having to leave home. The sedating effects of both THC and myrcene in high-CBD strains are famous for the “couchlock” effects associated with some Indicas. If you need sleep, such strains will surely do the job. Safely, effectively, and without causing deadly addictions.

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  1. Avatar for Bettye Bettye February 4, 2021 / 12:48 am / Reply

    Wow!!! Yeah, I use heavy Indicas to get to sleep

  2. Avatar for Randi Randi February 4, 2021 / 11:31 am / Reply

    Nice! Yep, I sleep well with a little puff before bed!

  3. Avatar for Virgie Virgie February 5, 2021 / 8:44 am / Reply

    Yes, relief from anxiety too

  4. Avatar for Latisha Latisha February 6, 2021 / 5:11 am / Reply

    Yep, I smoke weed to fall asleep most nights

  5. Avatar for Barbra Barbra February 7, 2021 / 4:47 am / Reply

    Smoking a bowl provides happiness and sleep, without anxiety!!

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    Essential for a good nights sleep!

  7. Avatar for Eliza Eliza February 9, 2021 / 4:42 am / Reply

    Weed helps me sleep at night!

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    One of the best ways I use cannabis is for a great nights sleep

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