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Marijuana Education for the Upcoming Elections in California

It’s Election Day and there is something special on the ballot box for some states: marijuana legalization. It is time to decide the fate of this hard fought battle that has already been worn in a number of states. While voting is on for Congress men and women and for the president of the United States as well, there is the issue of marijuana that needs the voice of everyone who is affected. Previous voting, for instance, has seen the legalization of medical marijuana in some states like California and maybe now is the time to see the legalization of recreational marijuana in the same state. Some other states are still looking forward to see medical marijuana decriminalized before proceeding on with full fledged legalization for marijuana to include the recreational aspect.

Today, there are nine initiatives of marijuana reforms listed on the ballot and maybe it is vital to note this: marijuana decriminalization law reforms and initiatives are just as good as the people coming in to implement them. Check out the number of states voting on reforms for this excellent herb that has had a lot of benefits in places where it has been either partially legalized for medical use or wholly legalized for both medical and non-medical use. There is a lot that has been said and recorded concerning initiatives coming from the different states and what it means to all users of marijuana and the cannabis industry as a whole.

It may appear as though the states that have already formulated policy initiatives on marijuana are the ones concerned with the efforts of legalization. However, that is not the case. The election this time round is a little bit more special and is expected to shift things in a big way on grounds of cannabis legalization efforts. In that case, 34 Senate seats are up for grabs. As earlier mentioned both the vote for this herb and the people coming on board are important if any significant developments are to be realized during and after the election.  Therefore, every vote counts even with the election of the members to the House of Representatives. All these members totaling to 435 are contesting their seats in this election. It is therefore expected that the contribution of everybody will be very instrumental towards the final result of the election.

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There is provision for amendments because all laws are subject to that. For this reason, it would be important for all voters to study their local and state officials contesting in this election. Every person has a contribution to make and shape the result of the marijuana legalization process in their state. It is pointless to vote for marijuana and then go ahead to chose a candidate who does not support it. In recent times, different aspirants including the presidential candidates expressed their opinions about the use of marijuana. Based on this valuable information, you can vote in someone who has your interest at heart. All these personalities who declared their stand on marijuana were listed in media sources including the Washington post that enumerated congress members supporting the decriminalization of marijuana.

Looking at this list of marijuana supporters of this caliber, it will play a big role in how you vote this time round. Not many found their way in that list, which was really a worrying report. The congress is meant to represent the stand taken by voters in the United States and that is why the number was not satisfactory. Recent poll reports have shown 60% support for the decriminalization of marijuana coming from the American population. Therefore, seeing a minority group of Congress members coming out in the open to show the same support is worrying.  For some years now, legalization of weed has been left for states to decide but the trend is putting pressure on the federal government to think otherwise. This is the time to be counted and express our commitment towards marijuana reforms. It’s your choice.

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The recommendation here is not to compel anyone to vote for marijuana. However, the idea is to get everyone contribute in making this important decision.  Let your decision count. It’s simple. See who is looking for your vote and find out what they think of marijuana legalization.  Vote now!

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Comments (6)

  1. Avatar for alexsa fernandez alexsa fernandez November 8, 2016 / 10:01 am / Reply

    Yes, Exactly This Election will play a big role. We are looking for the Result. Hope for the Best.

  2. Avatar for Rews Rews November 8, 2016 / 11:11 am / Reply

    Marijuana are the ones concerned with the efforts of legalization. We are looking forward to see the positive results. Hope this vote will bring happiness.

  3. Avatar for katekelin katekelin November 8, 2016 / 11:47 am / Reply

    Everyone in the state has a contribution to make and shape the result of the marijuana legalization process. So, we have to aware about it.

  4. Avatar for William J. William J. November 10, 2016 / 4:27 am / Reply

    Change is coming i guess. It’s gonna be different than the past.

  5. Avatar for Tam Tas Tam Tas November 16, 2016 / 11:48 am / Reply

    Everybody is positive now. I think people are conscious about the benefit of marijuana.

  6. Avatar for Rocky L. Rocky L. November 17, 2016 / 12:04 am / Reply

    People are aware of the issue. no longer people are not conservative about issues anymore. I think Marijuana legalization will happen soon for every state.

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