Weddings Now Offer Open Cannabis Bar

Cannabis Bar at Weedings

Is there nothing that millennials can’t come up with? They have revolutionized the way that people buy houses and start companies. So, is it really a surprise that they are now changing the wedding game? While not every idea they have is a winner, this one is sure to elevate any nuptial.

Cannabis bars are popping up all over states where the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized. Much like typical bars, cannabis bars can be either cash or open. An open cannabis bar ensures that your guests can kick back and enjoy the day.
What is a cannabis bar? Instead of an alcohol bar, cannabis bars offer a wide range of services depending on what distributer you work with. These bars offer everything from smoke, concentrates, and edibles. Imagine having a wedding cake made laced with cannabis.

The best part about these innovative cannabis bars is that they offer a completely customizable experience. You can choose strains that are special to you are your partner and offer them to your guests in fun ways. Some couples choose to make jars features different strains of pre-rolled joints for your guests to enjoy. Toasting with a fresh cone is a much better option than toasting with champagne.

You are not limited to bud either. Treats like cannabis cake pops are becoming all the rage at these types of wedding events. Not only is marijuana a safer way to enjoy the night, it is the perfect alternative for those who don’t drink.

These services, however, do not come cheap. According to, a full-service cannabis bar can run you a pretty penny at close to $3000. You can also run into trouble when trying to find a venue that would allow such services. If you are considering using a cannabis bar, make sure you check for 420 friendly venues first. While the price seems high, it can be a fraction of the cost of an alcohol bar. This is especially true if you have a large wedding.
These popular “green” weddings don’t just end at the bud either! Cannabis friendly couples even are using this miracle drug in other aspects of the wedding planning. This includes bud bouquets and hemp made dresses for the bridal party. Even innovative ideas like passing our marijuana seeds as party favors are popping up at these events.

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While this may seem like the 420 friendly solutions you have been looking for, it does have its downfalls. The biggest downfall is that this doesn’t make for a family friendly wedding. While marijuana is safer than alcohol, it is still surrounded by stigma. Parents would obviously worry about their children being around second-hand smoke. One solution would be to keep the cannabis celebration to the after party and make the after party adult only.

One of the biggest companies who are offering this amazing service is Love and Marij. This green wedding planning service works with local cultivators and suppliers to bring you the best day ever. They cover everything from supply to decorations.

Next time you have a big event coming up, skip the booze and go with something a little greener. What better way to show off your love for mother earth than with a little friendly flower. With cannabis bars being the new thing, it makes you wonder what is next for this amazing drug.

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  1. Avatar for ja valja ja valja August 5, 2017 / 6:54 am / Reply

    This green wedding planning service works with local cultivators and suppliers to bring the best day ever.

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