What are the Differences between CBD and THC ?


If you are a marijuana patient you know that there are different options to consider.  Not only do you have to decide between indica, sativa and hybrids, you also have to find a strand that works for your needs.  Most strains will be labeled with a clear THC and CBD marking as well as a percentage value.  But, what does it all mean?  Here is everything you need to know about the differences between CBD and THC to help make your choices clearer.

What is THC ?

THC is one of the chemical compounds that make up cannabis as a whole.  These special chemical compounds are also known as cannabinoids.  Cannabinoids are the main connections between your brain and the marijuana plant.  THC works with the signals in your brain to help relieve pain and anxiety.  The one attribute that sets THC apart is that this specific chemical compound has psychoactive properties.  THC is responsible for that “high” feeling we all know and love.

This is because THC directly affects the central nervous system which is the conscious center of our bodies.  Most people like to compare THC to other natural ways that people get high.  Most popularly, people compare THC to exercise.  Exercise releases endorphins that can give you a “high” like feeling, much like THC.

What is THC used for ?

THC has many different uses, but mostly it is used for pain relief.  THC works to block the pain receivers in your body which can not only help with small problems but can help with chronic pain as well.  However, that is certainly not all that THC can do.  THC can also be used to help people who suffer from nausea get their life and their appetite back.  THC has also been known to heal common sleep problems like insomnia and anxiety.  Most famously, THC has been known to help cancer patients manage their own pain.

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What is CBD ?

CBD is one of the other chemical compounds that make up cannabis.  While THC and CBD get most of the attention, it is important to remember that there are hundreds of compounds found in marijuana.  CBD is pure pain relief.  Like THC, it blocks the pain receivers in the brain and directly affects the central nervous system as well.  The one big difference is that there are no psychedelic side effects with CBD.  This means that patients can get all of the benefits of cannabis without the high.

What is CBD used for?

Many of the same benefits of THC are also found within CBD.  The biggest selling point of CBD is that it gives patients options.  Patients, who don’t feel like they can function while high, prefer to use CBD in order to continue living their lives.  Also, because there are no after effects, CBD is being used to treat children.  We have all seen those videos of children having violent seizers only to be calmed by a drop under their tongue.  This magical substance is CBD oil.

THC and CBD Marijuana Strains

Even though CBD does not have high like effects, that doesn’t mean that CBD dominate strains won’t get you high.  When you check out the percentages on each jar of cannabis you will notice that each will state whether it is CDB or THC dominate.  Strong CBD strains will be a lighter high, but they will still get you high.  This is because the ratio of CBD vs. THC has been elevated but not removed completely.


The same can be said to THC dominate strains.  These strains will offer a much stronger high.  Typically, strains that have higher than 23% THC levels are going to be strong when it comes to psychedelic effects.  If you are looking for a CBD experience with no high, opt for using oils and tinctures instead of smoke.

The CBD smoke market is one that has been barely tapped into, however, some farmers are out to change the game.  One in particular has been working to produce marijuana plants that are mainly CBD dominate so that they will be safer for younger patients to use.  According to https://hightimes.com/health/cannabidiol-cbd/, we are on the cusp of seeing an increase in CBD plants in the coming seasons.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it feels like CBD fans and THC fans are in this invisible war with each other over who is dominating.  However, it isn’t an “us” vs. “them” scenario.  Both are equally important to the cannabis community and both offer something unique when it comes to treating pain.  Also, just because you love THC dominate plants doesn’t mean that CBD isn’t there for you when you need it the most.  Legalizing marijuana means that you have the option to choose.  Good luck.

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