What do Betty White and Pot Valet have in common?

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What does well-loved actress Betty White and marijuana delivery service Pot Valet have in common?

They both introduced pot products to Monterey County last year in August.

Betty White introduced her CBD oil product range and Pot Valet spread its delivery service wings to the area simultaneously.

Betty White is just one of a handful of famous actors, artists and writers who have made their homes in Monterey County’s artistic enclave, Carmel-By-The-Sea. The seaside town has always vigorously pursued a planning strategy that enhances its natural coastal beauty while retaining its original character, and is best described as “a village in a forest overlooking a white sand beach.”

Betty White ascribes her longevity to Cannabis

At 96 years of age, Betty White could ascribe her longevity to cannabis.

After many years of medical problems, Betty decided to embark on “a healthy life with less medication”, and she found just that in the form of CBD (cannabidiol) oil, used to treat a number of chronic illnesses.

“I wouldn’t sell something I don’t personally use myself”, stated the star in a recent interview, pointing out that the marijuana industry was flooded with many producers who failed to meet regulatory standards.

Another famous Carmel-By-The-Sea resident was stand-up comedienne Phyllis Diller. She may have been before your time, but any self-respecting “weedster” knows the name because the Phyllis Diller strain is one of the most popular super-sativas, living up to its name-sake’s brilliant and zany personality. This smoke is a combination of Jack Herrer, Sour Diesel and Trainwreck, and is certain to crush any form of anxiety in its tracks.

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Getting back to Carmel, artists dominated early city councils and actors and poets presided as mayors of the village, including people like Clint Eastwood and bohemian writer Perry Newberry.

Monterey and pot delivery services

So, it comes as no surprise, therefore, that marijuana delivery services are well utilized not only by residents of this famous seaside village but also by those who inhabit other Monterey County towns and cities.

Before recreational marijuana sales became legal at the beginning of 2018, California was one of the pioneering states to approve medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery services.

While Monterey County is served by a number of delivery services with good track records, the Pot Valet delivery company has impacted on the area since entering this county in 2017 and has many published accolades from happy clients throughout California. Apart from medical marijuana products, Pot Valet now also serves the needs of the recreational pot customer base.

Pot Valet customer validations

Take “Eva B” from Antioch, for example. This is what she has to say:

Marijuana delivery is sometimes questionable, been some bad experiences in the past but, after finding Pot Valet on Twitter, I decided to try them out. Let me be one of the many to say, Pot Valet has the best Medical Marijuana I’ve ever tried from a delivery service, if you want them to bring selection, they will bring selection, if you want some specific strain, give them a call and ask about the Off-board Menu. I call them all the time and they are extremely welcoming. Ordering my medical marijuana from Pot Valet is always a treat”.

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Another happy customer is “Carlton C” from Shreveport.

“The great thing about this service is that they are totally reliable and trustworthy. I have been using them for almost three years now and there has been no change in the quality of their products, no spike in prices and they still communicate effectively when it comes to making on time deliveries”.

With a 100% response rate, Pot Valet prides itself on doorstep delivery within 45 minutes of receiving an order, and of providing customers with a superior range of products at competitive prices. Their product range includes concentrates, creams, doggie treats, edibles, feminine hygiene products, flowers, lubricants, ointments, topical creams, as well as pot accessories. An online Santa Monica-based marketing company, Pot Valet’s wide quality product range selection consistently meets regulation requirements.

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