What is Hemp Wick - And How to Use It

What is Hemp Wick? And How to Use It

As awareness about cannabis grows, and acceptance of it, more and more people are visiting a dispensary in Santa Monica. There has been a shift, a drastic one, towards organic and safer methods of consumption since legalization in California, which has led to the introduction of hemp wicks. If their popularity is due their pleasant smell or lack of pollutants, hemp wicks are now a staple for the masses. 

What are Hemp Wicks?

Hemp wicks are like any other burnable wicks, just made from all natural, organic hemp and dipped in beeswax. Their purpose is to make lighting joints, bongs, bowls, and other smokables safer than using butane lighters. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, butane suppresses the central nervous system and has other harmful effects. This is why folks use hemp wicks to light their buds. 

Furthermore, hemp wick tastes much better than butane, and it is just as easy, convenient, and quick to use as any lighter. The wick itself, as well as the beeswax coating it, contains no refined chemicals whatsoever. Nothing to irritate the respiratory system or otherwise cause harm. Lighters and matches contain dangerous potassium chlorate, sulphur, and butane, so hemp wick eliminates these dangers. 

Hemp wicks are more flavorful too. They just taste better than gas and chemicals. They also burn at a lower temperature than chemical igniters do, so they destroy fewer cannabinoids in the process. This results in better taste, as well as more cannabinoids for your consumption, and a better “high.” What is more, using a hemp wick properly gives you more control and precision over your burn.  

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Using Hemp Wicks

Fortunately, hemp wicks are incredibly easy to use, even for complete newbies. Resembling twine, you simply unravel a small piece from the roll, only as much as you need at a time. You can choose the length you require according to your needs, but remember to cut off a little bit for a buffer to prevent it from burning your fingers. Consider oxygen and humidity levels too, since more will make it burn faster. 

Once you have your piece of hemp wick, simply ignite one end of it carefully, keeping it sufficiently lit to create a consistent flame. You can lace or tie the lit end to your bowl or bong, or you can just hold it carefully to light your herb. After inhaling, always blow the flame out. You do not want to cause accidental fire when putting it down or burn your fingers badly. 

  • Keep it near the Source

For the best experience, it is important to keep your hemp wick as close to the source as possible. You can wrap it around your lighter, a good place to store it during use, placing a strand on the lighter’s base. Coil the wick around the lighter until it reaches the top. This method allows you the most control, since you have both the wick and the source in your hand, with the lighter acting as a handle of sorts. 

  • Keep the Fires Burning

It is unnecessary to use butane lighters to ignite hemp wick, although you certainly can. You can use any flame, whether it be from a candle, fireplace, even barbeque. Fires make for an especially sociable and enjoyable experience, especially if you have friends around or are out camping the wilds. Having a constant flame makes lighting your wick easy, plus hemp wick itself works beautifully as a fire-starter. 

  • Consider Making a Handheld Device

If you are using hemp wick in a group, then making a handheld container for it is especially helpful and convenient. Just make sure to use a fireproof lid. Simply pierce a hole in its middle and spool some hemp wick inside it. Then, thread one end through the hole and use it to light your smoke at the ready. This makes sharing safer, as it also extinguishes the flame when it reaches the lid. Finally, it keeps it fresh. 

  • Keep It Fresh

As with everything cannabis, hemp wick works better and tastes best when it is fresh. If too dry, it burns too quickly. Quality of experience relies not only on the technique and source you use, but also on the hemp wick itself. To maintain its quality and keep it fresh, wrap your hemp wick into a ball or spool and store it in an airtight glass container. This will protect the beeswax from hardening or drying out. 

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Marijuana Dispensary Santa Monica

Try hemp wick out. You will not be disappointed, or poisoned by butane. Newbies may not find using hemp wick ideal, but once you master its use; there is no going back to harsh igniters. You can find hemp wick at a dispensary in Santa Monica. You can even order it via weed delivery. Either way, having some on hand will transform your smoking experience from the mundane to the extraordinary.

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  1. Avatar for Patricia Patricia September 10, 2019 / 1:57 pm / Reply

    Thanks for showing this new way to smoke

  2. Avatar for Grant Grant September 10, 2019 / 2:17 pm / Reply

    Jeez. Thats kinda cool. I guess I’ll use a Hemp Wick from now on when sparking up

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