What to Expect from a Licensed Marijuana Dispensary in Monterey

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Now that legal weed is on sale throughout California, you can find a few pot shops in Monterey. Called “coffee shops” in Europe, these outlets are more formally “marijuana dispensaries” in the United States. Cannabis is fast becoming the norm across the state, with consumers buying far more weed than the state can actually supply. Black market dealers continue to thrive, but using them is definitely illegal.


If you live in Monterey, weed delivery is an option, one preferred by most people. It is convenient, safe, legal, discreet, and saves a vast amount of time in traffic and queues. You can also find more products online than you would in a ganja store, as well as more coupons and discounts to save money. You must visit a dispensary at least once though. The experience is necessary for anyone joining the weed ranks.


Your First Time in a Marijuana Dispensary


Your very first visit to a pot shop can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are a newbie and know little about cannabis. Sweaty palms, stomach tics, these are all normal experiences for everyone. However, with budtenders to help you, you will soon learn your way around and gain the insight you need to buy cannabis with confidence, eventually even graduating to a Monterey weed delivery service.


Until then, there are a few things to know about buying weed in California, as well as what to expect when you do. Research can be your best friend, so spend some time beforehand checking if the dispensary has an operating license, if customers are happy with its services, if it encourages people to leave reviews, if it has a professional website and social media presence, and if is offers quality weed.


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Without further ado, here are 10 must-have expectations when visiting a pot dispensary in Monterey:


1. Know the Law before You Go


The law expects you to know its rules and regulations. To buy legal weed, you must comply with them. California legalized medical pot back in 1996 and recreational pot on January 1 this year. Other states do not have the same exact laws, but most only allow consumers to buy an ounce of marijuana at a time. Any more and you could face legal trouble, even trafficking charges, if police catch you with it.


2. Take Your I.D. Along


In Monterey, weed delivery companies can only service legal adults, that is anyone 21-years or older. The same applies to marijuana dispensaries. You will need to prove your age at the door, so take some form of valid identification with you, such as a state-issued I.D., a passport or a driver’s license. If buying medical cannabis, you will need a doctor’s letter of recommendation or a Medical Marijuana Card.


3. Have Cash with You


The vast majority of marijuana companies work on a cash-only basis, although some do offer various payment methods. Because weed remains illegal at the federal level, banks are unable to offer banking services to anyone working in the pot industry. For this reason, most deal in cash exclusively. Until the federal government bows to public pressure and legalizes, this is unlikely to change anytime soon.


4. Respect Other Customers


Millions of people buy cannabis for medical purposes. Many are genuinely ill. There is an unspoken rule that customers treat each other respectfully, as well as the “budtenders” that help them. Be patient if other customers take a long time talking to budtenders. After all, you want to be on their good side. Budtenders know the products well, can help you greatly, and can tell you about specials and discounts.

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5. Leave Cameras at Home


Most cannabis dispensaries will not allow you to take pictures of their products, or customers and employees in the store. Doing so is a huge invasion of everyone’s privacy and nobody will take kindly to you snapping away. Put your smartphone in your pocket and leave your camera behind. If you must send a picture of a gorgeous bud to a friend, ask first and comply with the answer you get.


6. Switch Off Your Phone


If you cannot afford to switch your phone off while you are shopping for weed, then, at the very least, put it on silent. There is little worse than somebody’s phone beeping when you are concentrating on the products before you. Choosing the right strains and products is overwhelming for most, all of whom want to focus on what the budtender is saying. Much like a doctor’s office, a beeping phone is just rude.


7. Do Not Touch the Products


You will not be able to handle any product before buying it. Nobody enjoys people touching their food, and they certainly do not want you touching their bud. Your hands are germ-carriers and you do not want to contaminate the products. Additionally, buds are thick with resinous trichomes. Rubbing them off onto your fingers is just criminal in a weed store, as it removes much of the bud’s goodness.


8. Avoid Smoking in the Parking Lot


It is illegal to smoke weed in public spaces, even cigarettes in many places. Do not light up in the parking lot. Not only can you get into serious trouble for breaking the law, but you could also get the store into major legal worry that could cost it its license. Dispensaries have strict rules and regulations to comply with, and you breaking them are inconsiderate beyond words. Go home first and light up there.

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9. Ask Questions


Budtenders are there to help you, even if you have to wait for them to get through the queue. They have a wealth of knowledge that can make a big different to whether you buy the right products or not, and whether you ultimately enjoy the experience. There are so many products to choose from, that you will need some guidance. Do not be shy to ask away if you have any questions at all.


10. You May Have to Wait


There are not many licensed marijuana dispensaries in Monterey. In fact, there is a drastic shortage of them all across California. For this reason, everyone has to use the few that are already open, at least until the state issues more operating licenses. Pot shops are busy places. Expect a queue and be patient while you wait your turn. Budtenders make every effort to help everybody as best they can.


Alternatively, there is Monterey Weed Delivery


Marijuana dispensaries are great places to visit. You can learn so much and enjoy the unique experience. However, getting there involves serious traffic dodging. Many are in dangerous areas. Some do not have enough stock. A cannabis delivery company can bring your stash to your doorstep, and in 45 minutes or less. If convenience is more practical for you, then you can always order weed online.


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