Why Covid-19 Has Marijuana Delivery Booming

With cannabis deemed essential service, business is booming in California. Specifically, marijuana delivery flourishes unhindered, even encouraged. Covid-19 is keeping folks indoors, canceling major events, and wreaking havoc on lives and economies. Experts from sectors everywhere all declare weed vital to the health, happiness, and sanity of folks in these unprecedented times, and likely beyond.

Pot is growing in popularity. In fact, it supersedes even alcohol these days. While businesses everywhere are suffering under impact of Covid-19, marijuana delivery has never been busier. Ever. As people gather dust at home, they are spending time behind computers and phones. In this world of today, cannabis is increasingly acceptable to people, so much so the cannabis industry is growing faster than any other is.

Status of Marijuana in Lockdown

While folks are flooding search engines with “weed delivery near me” requests, according to the California Cannabis Portal, lawmakers are calling it an essential service crucial for the wellbeing of society. If folks cannot get their medicine, more will suffer than is necessary, and many are using marijuana for various health reasons. Access to cannabis is essential, truly, and if folks cannot leave home to get it, somebody must deliver.

For this reason, orders throughout Los Angeles are skyrocketing. The same is true everywhere weed is legal. Most dispensaries require a personal visit. However, with Covid-19 changing the way society functions, effectively killing in-store shopping, as we know it, all are joining the delivery fray. They have to, or risk closure as government mandates folks preferably order online.

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Popularity of Marijuana Delivery

Staying home poses the least risk of viral transmission. You meet nobody, and you touch nothing anybody else does either. No physical interaction with potential sources of infection. Going out to get your own weed is inherently dangerous with Covid-19 about, but many question is marijuana delivery really is any safer. It is. Everyone wears gloves and masks. Packaging secure. Nobody touches your stuff.

Drivers undergo intensive screening when they come to shift. Intense scrutiny to ensure they feel healthy. During check-in, they receive masks and a pair of gloves. Orders are ready and waiting when drivers arrive to fetch them, all packaged by folks wearing gloves and masks too. Nobody interacts with anybody else during the entire delivery chain, making it safe. Delivery is popular for other reasons too:

Stay-At-Home Orders

The fact that folks cannot go and get their own weed one cannot overlook. Stay-at-home orders are effectively confining people to their homes, good or bad. If you want weed during the Covid-19 pandemic, you will need marijuana delivery. You will need weed. That is a given. This lockdown is driving the sanest folks insane, and many are in very stressful, difficult times, with pot vital to sleep at night.

Medical Treatment

More and more people use cannabis therapeutically seemingly on the daily. It is already popular for its many and incredible medicinal properties, with offer a horde of important health benefits with huge potential to boost immune health during this crisis. What is more, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, marijuana can treat an array of coronavirus-related symptoms, its bronchodilator effects of special interest in severe cases.

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Essential Services

With the proclamation that cannabis delivery is an official essential service, it clearly has state-government approval, with a hint even of encouragement. Essential businesses remain open during pandemics, since they provide goods folks cannot survive without, such as food, medicine, and other basics. With cannabis deemed vital, more people are ordering delivery than otherwise would try.

Increased Online Sales

For at least a decade, if not longer, consumer trends have been moving toward shopping online. Delivery is the basis of online sales. You buy your goods online, and then the company ships them to you via courier, postal service, or even ship. More and more people are shopping on the internet, and this includes buying weed. As such, demand for marijuana delivery keeps rising steadily higher.

Growing Popularity of Weed

As legalization spreads across the United States, both recreationally and medicinally, and as scientists, doctors, and researchers discover more of its therapeutic benefits and uses for it, its acceptance in society is becoming mainstream. The stigma attached to pot use several decades ago, thanks to effective prohibition propaganda, is finally fading as people learn more about its incredible effects.

Coronavirus Marijuana Delivery

If you live anywhere in California, you can order marijuana delivery safely, legally, and discreetly, right to your doorstep. Simply search for “weed delivery near me” to find companies offering this service. However, not all of them are licensed, even legitimate. Many are swindles, obvious frauds, and require caution. Some might take your cash outright. Others might send you very bad weed.

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Still others might sell your details to third parties, which is when things can get much worse. It is much wiser and safer to use licensed companies, those held to account for their products and services by regulatory authorities. Investigate the company. Check its website, its reviews, and any other information you can find about it. If most people recommend it, then it is likely legitimate.

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    Heck Yeah! You guys are probably killing it

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    Makes sense…

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    Happy to see you guys are doing well

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    Nutty situation at the time of LockDown and right now!

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