Why Weed Delivery Became Crucial During Covid-19

Why Weed Delivery Became Crucial During Covid-19

SARS-Cov-2, or Covid-19, has reorganized life, as we know it. It has highlighted what is most essential to our lives, and what we can live without in times of strife. Weed delivery skyrocketed in popularity once this coronavirus hit, and for all intents and purposes, for folks sick and not, cannabis is proving among the most essential of all. Why is this? Why has weed delivery become crucial during this pandemic?

During the most intense lockdown in a century, Google searches for “weed delivery near me” outperformed most other searches, especially in California and in other legal states. According to the Washington Post, Covid-19 is breathing new life into an industry hammered by high taxes and intense competition. It could well prove the redeeming feature of the legal cannabis marketplace.

Deemed Essential Business

Cannabis is now mainstream in American society. Widely accepted by folks from all walks of life, including the scientific and medical communities. According to Forbes, public health officials in California and in other states too, deemed marijuana essential during lockdown. This allowed cannabusinesses to stay open amid stay-at-home orders and forced closures. However, there is a catch: They had to deliver.

Weed advocates everywhere lobbied state officials and governors to ensure that patients continued to have access to cannabis during lockdown. They need it. They use it therapeutically. For these folks, cannabis is medicine. As such, it is essential. To avoid the bureaucratic hurdles of certifying patients during this time, recreational outlets became crucial access points for them, required to stay open.

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Therapeutic Dependence

As mentioned, many patients are reliant on cannabis to help treat and manage their various health conditions, some severe, some mild. If officials denied access to cannabis during this time, these folks would be unable to get their much-needed medication. They depend heavily on cannabis, some more so than others do. Many folks use it for mild issues too, such as headaches, insomnia, and nausea.

What is more, many studies prove cannabis helpful for stress-related problems, as well as for mental issues, such as anxiety and depression. Because of the pandemic and its subsequent lockdown, anxiety and depression levels have never been higher. As such, officials agreed to keep cannabis accessible, in a bid to help folks cope better with the lockdown itself, as well as the economic fallout from it.

Existing Delivery Networks

Before the lockdown, even before legalization, weed delivery was essential for many medical patients. Especially those too sick to drive or too immobile to collect their weed themselves. After recreational legalization, these delivery networks expanded to include widespread society. Folks have no need to leave their homes to get weed anymore, a fact very welcome during lockdown.

Weed delivery keeps folks indoors. It actually serves to help the stay-at-home mandate. A simple search for “weed delivery near me” returns services that can have quality cannabis arrive at your doorstep within the hour. For officials and those managing the pandemic, delivery proves a godsend, necessary to enforcing any type lockdown, especially when folks urgently need essential supplies.

Managing Coronavirus Itself

Nobody is touting cannabis as a cure or even treatment for Covid-19. However, many folks are using it to help relieve their symptoms, some even preventatively. Study after study finds cannabis with the therapeutic properties necessary to help those with mild symptoms. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, cannabinoids can and do boost immune function. They make you healthier.

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What is more, studies also show cannabis with broncho-dilating effects. It can help to open the airways so you can breathe easier. It reduces mucus formation. It also has anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, antidepressant, anxiolytic, antiviral, and even antioxidant properties that can help you feel better if you succumb to a mild form of this disease. Of course, hospital treatment is urgent for severe cases.

Helpful Cannabis Effects

For health officials trying to keep folks home, cannabis can be an ally. A good Indica strain can keep folks home happy to watch movies, laze about, and otherwise feel content indoors. If potent enough, some strains can cause couchlock, which will keep you glued to your sofa for several hours, feeling blissful, happy, and without stress, worry, or feelings of overwhelming anxiety. It can calm you down.

The relaxing, calming, sedating effect of powerful Indica strains is legendary. Anyone who has ever tried cannabis knows all about it. However, a quality Sativa strain, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect. It can energize folks, get them up and moving about. For those with home projects to complete, this can prove very helpful in getting the job done, without any need to hike the nearest mountain.

Marijuana Delivery Los Angeles

With weed delivery now deemed essential and actually preferred by cannabis enthusiasts across California, it is readily available to anyone in Los Angeles and surrounds. You do not need medical certification or jump other bureaucratic red tape to get it anymore. You only need to be of legal age, which in California, is 21-years and older. If younger, your parents can get it for you.

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Covid-19 is changing the way folks conduct business. It is changing how we interact with each other, and how we procure supplies in the future. Weed delivery is going nowhere. It is here to stay. In fact, delivery is fast becoming the “new normal” for most supplies, from cannabis to groceries, clothes, and all other creature comforts. It is safe, convenient, and prevents exposure to Covid-19 and other disease.

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