Why Weed Delivery Supports Protest, Despite Curfew Closing Shop

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With riots overwhelming the country and imposing curfews on people and businesses, many are taking a stand now. According to Zack Brown, president of Pot Valet, a legal weed delivery service in California, “This pain of racism and racist actions has plagued our society for long enough. We are happy to lose a bit of money, shut down early, and support all protesters in their legal and lawful right to protest.”

Behind the Chaos

The death of George Floyd has people out on the streets protesting police brutality, specifically against black folks, and most especially by white cops. Floyd’s death is but the latest in a string of high-profile cases. People are demanding justice, immediate justice, and emotions are running amok, all while authorities fail to take any real action against the perpetrators.

For minority groups, the issue is particularly sensitive. As many are repetitively explaining, they experience racism firsthand almost on the daily, either outright, or at levels so subconscious offenders are mostly unaware of it. Systemic racism is prevalent in the entire system. Law enforcement profiles black people as criminals. The government sees them as poor and in need of continual handouts.

The issue is stereotypical and change is necessary to break these stereotypes and elevate minority groups to their rightful place in society, with dignity and respect. This is why, despite the rioting and mayhem, many support these protests in their entirety, even though they frequently spiral into a seething, violent mob most run away from in sheer terror.

Widespread Support

Many cannabis dispensary owners are supporting this protest. Why? The reason is that many are minorities themselves, subjected regularly to racism in all its ugly forms, from systemic racism to police persecution and even personal interactions with other races. They openly agree to lose business for the cause, happy to shut their doors for the duration of these protests and abide by citywide curfews.

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Outrage is mounting around the world. The global population is demanding an end the senseless killing of innocent people by police. According to the New York Times, the Guardian, and the Washington Post, global support for these protests is seemingly universal. U.S. and state law recognizes the right of peaceful protesters to assemble and have their voices heard.

Protesting Controversy

However, these protests have not always been peaceful. The world has been watching scenes of incredible violence erupt across the United States since Floyd’s death. This is rioting, with rioters destroying businesses, vehicles, and other personal property, either by burning or by brick hurling. Looting is widespread too, along with physical attacks on women, elderly, white men, and even blacks.

These scenes destroy any notion of peaceful protest, effectively causing a massive divide in this movement, which otherwise enjoys favor around the world. The wanton destruction of everything in the path of these rioters is corrupting the movement in many eyes, especially those watching this chaos on television. Fortunately, calm appears restored, with protesters back to behaving peacefully. For now.

Return of Order

The last days of looting and unrest, although terrifying, seem over. Order appears returned. Today, folks have been protesting very peacefully, with no incidents of vandalism, arson, assault, or looting. More than 10,000 people gathered in Hollywood earlier with no violence erupting. In fact, it appears protesters are themselves restoring order.

With such a large crowd assembling after the chaos, everybody was expecting the worst. However, the worst is not coming. Protesters are stopping looters, who are still around and still trying, and they are doing so long before police even arrive. They are maintaining order and restoring faith in the entire movement, not allowing fellow protesters to go on the rampage hurting people and property.

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Ordering Weed Delivery in Los Angeles

With folks supporting peaceful protest more than unmitigated violence, this is good news for everybody. Although weed delivery cannot occur after curfew, currently set at 6 p.m., you can still order pot. If late, you will get it the next day now, is all. Cannabis companies are mostly supporting these protests and taking a stand with minority groups, so order early to avoid disappointment while curfew lasts.

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  1. Avatar for G Man G Man June 3, 2020 / 3:19 pm / Reply

    Black Lives Matter!! Love you guys and this article!

  2. Avatar for D Street D Street June 3, 2020 / 6:42 pm / Reply

    Thank god, the protests are peaceful now

  3. Avatar for Chris. Chris. June 3, 2020 / 8:46 pm / Reply

    Good to hear you’re on the right side of justice. Bravo Pot Valet!

  4. Avatar for Dorothy Dorothy June 8, 2020 / 3:44 pm / Reply

    Love how you guys touch on the aspect of most owners being of minority, in the Cannabis industry!

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