Will a Cannabis Tolerance Break Make You High Again?

Over time, heavy cannabis users will develop some tolerance to its effects. No matter how much cannabis delivery you order, how many strains you rotate, or how many new ways you try it, near everybody will experience less of a “high” eventually, with effects feeling muted, dissipated after regular use. The more you use, the less you feel. For most, this is extremely frustrating. It is certainly expensive.

To overcome these waning effects, some folks are taking drastic measures. Some stop using weed entirely for a while. However, as many radical choices often are, this is actually the most effective solution. Taking “tolerance breaks” allows you to lower your tolerance toward cannabis again, which strengthens its effects, along with how your body and mind ultimately responds to it. 

Taking a Break from Cannabis

Called a t-break sometimes, a tolerance break is a temporary stop to cannabis use. The goal is to clean the body of all cannabinoids, flush it, if you will, and most especially of the psychoactive THC, or the famous tetrahydrocannabinol. However, many wonder if it really works. Indeed, past studies do show people developing tolerance for cannabis after frequent use. That is not in dispute. Never was. 

According to Marijuana Library, a study in the National Institutes of Health proved interesting. Its author concluded the following: “The effect is time- and dose-dependent, and is reversible, and thus appears to be cannabinoid-receptor mediated. The study’s result has implications for the consequences of chronic high levels of drug use in humans, suggesting diminishing effects with greater levels of consumption.” 

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What this means is that, while it is certainly possible to become so tolerant of cannabis and its effects that you barely feel them, this buildup is reversible. By simply taking a break from weed, your body can cleanse itself of excess THC so that you can feel it again. Some opt to use less for a time, whereas others choose to stop completely. Potency is stronger when you return after a clean break. 

You can also give yourself a break from weed by changing your usual routine, which also influences its effectiveness and ability to interact with body and mind. For example, skipping your morning puff might make effects stronger in the evening. In the end, the severity and length of break you choose will depend on you and your individual goals and patterns of consumption. 

  • Why?

Slowing, even stopping weed for a while might not seem particularly inviting just yet, but for many, there are some very valid reasons for doing so. Some might just want a tolerance break, whereas others might really need it. Besides lowering your cannabinoid threshold, many jobseekers rely heavily on tolerance breaks to flush their system of THC before mandated drug screening tests. 

Other reasonable reasons exist to abstain too. Think legal issues, of which there are many possibilities, such as probation and court orders. Those traveling to areas unfriendly to weed might also need a t-break. Others might just want to save money for a while by cutting some costs. The biggest reason for most, however, is simply to get more out of their experiences with cannabis. 

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Regardless of what your reasons for taking a t-break are, it should give you a new perspective on life. This change in outlook can help act as a reminder to use cannabis to improve your life’s experiences, instead of solely for its effects. A clear head often helps regain respect for this plant and its many wonders, especially when you return after a break to those familiar euphoric effects. 

  • For How Long?

Because the cannabis experience is individualistic, your personal pattern of consumption can shape the type of tolerance break you take. The consensus is that you should start to feel profound effects again after a few days without cannabis delivery. A week or two can make you feel like a newbie again. When your mind is clear and your body is clean, you can consider returning. Some wait at least a month. 

  • What Expectations?

For many, taking a break from cannabis is not easy. For some, it is actually extremely difficult. While abstaining from use, keep yourself busy. Stay active. Drink many fluids. Go to the gym. Get involved in sports. Consider hiking, or anything; just get physical. Staying active can make it easier to push “reset,” as will improving your nutrition and eating healthier. Run. Cook. Take on a new hobby. Get busy.

Anybody who chooses to take a tolerance break from cannabis must remember, on their return, to keep consumption to a minimum until tolerance levels readjust. Do not return to the same quantity you were using before. Use less. The longer your break, the smaller your doses should be. If you fail to start slow, then potency can feel overwhelming, and effects once manageable can become very scary. 

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Weed Delivery Santa Monica

Tolerance breaks in themselves affect people differently. However, they always return the “high” to you, often more than expected. When you are ready to resume consumption, just type “weed delivery near me” into Google. You will find an array of products and potencies for every type of person. Simply choose your experience by rediscovering the various effects of cannabis. How it interacts with you.  

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Comments (7)

  1. Avatar for Alana Alana April 24, 2021 / 3:46 pm / Reply

    Yeah, slight breaks, I come back and I end up getting 10* higher!

  2. Avatar for Gay Gay April 25, 2021 / 1:03 pm / Reply

    Yes! A little break helps sometimes

  3. Avatar for Clare Clare April 26, 2021 / 2:42 am / Reply

    Slight breaks do help a lot!

  4. Avatar for Alejandra Alejandra April 27, 2021 / 1:07 pm / Reply

    Oh yeah!

  5. Avatar for Elinor Elinor April 28, 2021 / 3:52 am / Reply

    Yes! Great!

  6. Avatar for Lorrie Lorrie April 29, 2021 / 4:00 pm / Reply

    I wouldn’t know, I smoke too much. LOL

  7. Avatar for Earnestine Earnestine May 2, 2021 / 10:13 am / Reply

    Helps to take a break every so often!

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