Will The Wildfires Cause A Future Weed Drought?

Will The Wildfires Cause A Future Weed Drought

California is burning. It has been for a few years now, each wildfire seemingly worse than the previous one. Already, wildfires destroyed large tracts of prime cannabis estate, affecting pot farmers in droves. The toll on humans and properties is just staggering, with hundreds of thousands of folks displaced, hundreds of thousands of acres burned, and yes, even numerous fatalities, both human and animal.

Consumers are wondering if there will be any weed for marijuana delivery in the future. Will the legal marketplace survive these Wildfire? The burgeoning industry is suffering immense losses, likely to affect the weed economy in the coming year. The effect on dispensary owners and other pot vendors, as well as cannabis marketers, is also huge. The fires are leaving nobody unscathed.

Cannabusinesses Could Lose Revenue

Numerous counties, with their estimated tens of thousands of privately owned pot gardens, were likely to bring several million dollars in tax revenues to state coffers next year. This seems increasingly unlikely. What did not burn to the ground completely suffered charring by shrouds of smoke and ash, both equally destructive to sensitive kolas, which do not cope well with such conditions.

This is a particularly bad time for fire to strike. Cannabis is busy flowering, ripening for harvest next month, in October. For both wine and cannabis industries, this is undoubtedly the most important and lucrative season of the year. Even worse, many farmers did not purchase fire insurance to protect their crops and businesses, having spent too much already on complying with cannabis regulations.

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Most farmers now find themselves saddled with badly damaged crops, many with no crops at all. They should be harvesting next month, and were already preparing for it, getting ready for trimming plants and drying buds. Many of these crops were still to cover the costs of acquiring state licenses and permits to grow weed in the first place, as jurisdictions tighten rules for California’s legalization of the industry.

Unfortunately, much of those profits disappeared in literal smoke. Similar to wine, cannabis gets a smoky flavor when exposed to fire. Smoke taints both smell and taste of crops, and adversely so. Even worse, the region’s soil could now hold toxins and heavy metals from the fire’s castoff. According to the California Department of Conservation, there is also fear of mudslides these winter rains, as well as flooding throughout the area.

Cannabis Extracts Could Save the Day

Fortunately, there is some hope. Cannabis growers are inventive. Many are now turning their crops into cannabis concentrates, a solution that saves their smoke-exposed buds, at least somewhat. Weed extracts are popular for oils, vape pens, edibles, and other concentrates. The extraction process eliminates most of the impurities, though not always all.

Farmers are now frantically testing their smoke-damaged crops to determine if the expense of cleaning their plants for market is still worth it. If their buds fail quality tests, they can still go toward creating the cannabis distillate used to make concentrates. This is a tried, proven, and safe way to salvage otherwise unusable crops. Expect a market rich in different cannabis extracts next year, and far fewer buds.

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Cannabis marketers will need to be very transparent about quality control going forward. The public must know of potential contaminations. In the past, either to stock up on weed or to support companies supporting disaster victims, product sales always increase after disasters, even if they contaminate crops. Without transparency on quality control, sales could potentially plummet.

What Cannabusinesses Can Do

For intelligent cannabusinesses, opportunities exist aplenty in disasters. It is a chance to build closer customer relationships, and even improve those with vendors. Priority must focus on building goodwill from the brand and on growing public trust. Although damage is unavoidable in the short-term, those with solid marketing strategies can take the longer approach, which could yield massive benefits.

It may be wiser for some to sacrifice immediate sales and revenues to build trust over the long-term, particularly in new industries, like the fledgling cannabis market. Folks never forget companies that help them, and they never forget those who try taking advantage of them either. Some businesses are donating to victims of the wildfire, others giving free weed to patients displaced by these fires.

Marijuana Delivery Los Angeles

For now, brands are committing themselves to helping their communities survive these wildfire, and to ensuring marijuana delivery runs smoothly to help them cope with related traumas. You can still search “weed delivery near me” for access to quality buds, but in the future, buds might prove scarcer than concentrates. Fortunately, the cannabis extract market is exploding in popularity across Los Angeles.

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If you are a victim of these fires, or under threat of them, then reach out for help. Marijuana offers a horde of helpful properties. It has anxiolytic effects strong enough to ease the worst anxiety. It is also antidepressant, analgesic, and antioxidant, all very important properties in times of smoke and strife. For now, weed supply remains robust. However, next year may prove more of a challenge.

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  1. Avatar for Lenora Lenora September 9, 2020 / 11:40 pm / Reply

    I bet there will be a weed drought

  2. Avatar for Lottie Lottie September 11, 2020 / 9:17 am / Reply

    They just might..

  3. Avatar for Trisha Trisha September 12, 2020 / 6:27 pm / Reply

    Yeah, never thought of this side effect but seems plausible

  4. Avatar for Estella Estella September 13, 2020 / 9:25 am / Reply

    Enough weed out there, I doubt it..

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