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Marijuna Delivery Goleta

Pot Valet is your partner for all your marijuana deliveries in Goleta. We offer high quality marijuana for your needs. With a valid medical card, you can now get marijuana delivery in Goleta made possible through Pot Valet. Deliveries for your marijuana are made within 45 minutes or even earlier after placing your order. We are committed to help you get your marijuana when you need it. Most importantly, you will not have to leave your home in search of marijuana.

Our online marijuana Dispensary in Goleta gives you a good platform to sign up and browse through the various marijuana strains in stock. We also have a 24-48 hour overnight service for the delivery of marijuana if you don’t live in any of these cities covered by Pot Valet. We offer variety for you and therefore, you will not lack the right dosage recommended for you. Pot Valet marijuana delivery in Goleta stocks more than 100 varieties of cannabis strains.

You don’t have to smoke your marijuana and that is why we have taken a step further to provide cannabis edibles, sprays, e-pen vaporizers and oil cartridges to make your consumption easy and comfortable. You will not find this in many local marijuana dispensaries out there. Pot Valet online marijuana dispensary in Goleta gives you a an opportunity to see what is available and therefore, you don’t waste a lot of time making physical visits from one dispensary to the other.  Deliveries are made in the most discrete means possible that will also be convenient for you. All we need is accurate identification details alongside a current medical ID. Once you have signed up and your application approved, you can comfortably order for your cannabis and it will be on the way to your destination in no time.

We have a very dedicated team of professionals that will handle your needs in a very well-coordinated manner. Should you want to learn more about the products we offer and the kind of services you can get from us, contact us today. We also offer professional advice to all our clients on the responsible consumption of marijuana as provided by the state laws.

    The History of Marijuana Laws in Goleta

The State of California enacted the Senate Bill 420 in 2003, which allowed local governments to regulate marijuana use, cultivation, and delivery in their jurisdiction. Goleta has adopted several ordinances since Senate Bill 420 was passed that differ with the provisions of the State law. In August 2007, the City Council of Goleta adopted an urgency ordinance that banned medical marijuana dispensaries for 45 days. The Ordinance Committee had 45 days to conduct further research and draft a permanent ordinance to regulate the dispensaries. Four medical marijuana dispensaries had been established by the time the urgency ordinance was enacted.
In November 2007, Goleta’s City Council adopted another interim ordinance (No. 07-17) to extend the effectiveness of the ordinance adopted in August. The term was extended from 45 days to 22 months and 15 days. The ordinance would expire on August 30, 2009. The City Council argued that allowing the establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries before resolving some pending issues would have a negative impact on public health, welfare, and safety. One of the pending issues that the City Council was supposed to resolve was determining if the federal law governing the establishments of medical marijuana dispensaries would be enforced in the City. The Ordinance Committee would also establish the rulings of pending lawsuits that would give insight on the authority of the State and Federal governments.

Another pending issue was resolving zoning conflicts. The City of Goleta did not have any zoning for medical marijuana dispensaries. In addition, the Ordinance Committee would monitor the existing dispensaries to determine their impacts on the community. The committee was expected to table a report of their investigations at least 10 days before the ordinance expired in August 2009. In June 2009, the City Staff presented a report after investing the legality of medical marijuana dispensaries and their potential impacts. At the time of preparing the report, the conflicts between federal and state law on the establishment of the facilities had not been resolved. The California law had pending internal conflicts as well.

The City Staff recommended that the Council continue prohibiting marijuana dispensaries within the City. The staff cited that at the time of presenting their report, 112 cities and 9 counties in California had banned medical marijuana dispensaries. The cities that allowed the dispensaries had strict regulations but experienced an increase in crime rates. The large quantities of marijuana and cash in the dispensaries make them a major target for armed robberies. The staff argued further that the City could achieve the purposes of Proposition 215 without allowing the establishment of the facilities. Proposition 215 was enacted in 1996 to exempt primary caregivers and qualified patients from the criminal liability imposed by the federal law for using and delivering medical marijuana.
After the Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act was adopted in 2015, the City Council of Goleta introduced two ordinances to ban marijuana cultivation for commercial purposes. The ordinances also prohibited growing marijuana for personal use beyond the provisions of the State law. The requirements to pay license fees to deliver marijuana would not apply to individuals delivering the drug for medical use, that is, caregivers and certified patients. Individuals delivering medical marijuana had to apply for a license at a fee and register their vehicles with the City Council. The applicants have to pass a police background check to qualify for a delivery license. Goleta has two dispensaries that are allowed to sell and deliver medical marijuana in the City. The ordinances adopted in 2009 prohibit the establishment of new dispensaries. The ordinances introduced in 2015 clarify the City Council’s position on dispensaries and marijuana commercial activities as required by the Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act.
The decision to impose a license fee on marijuana delivery may be a response to the County’s decision to impose a 20% tax on medical and recreational marijuana. Voters in Santa Barbara approved the tax in the November 2016 general election. Goleta’s City Council is unlikely to allow recreational marijuana given its strict regulations on medical marijuana. Qualified patients have petitioned the City Council before to allow new medical marijuana dispensaries but the Council has maintained its stand against their establishment for years. Recreational marijuana is now legal in California but Goleta residents have to wait for the Council’s decision on the new State law.

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