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Monterey Marijuana Delivery

Residents of Monterey have reason to celebrate. With a valid Medical Marijuana Card, you can register to use our cannabis Delivery Service, free of charge. Within 45 Minutes of placing your order, it will arrive on your doorstep – safely, legally and discreetly. There is no need for you risk visiting another marijuana dispensary in Monterey, which may or may not operate legally.

Monterey Cannabis Products

On our website, you will find a huge selection of cannabis for Monterey patients. We have more than 100 premium-grade medical marijuana flowers, including sativa, indica, and hybrid strains for every medical condition. Our marijuana delivery service in Monterey can provide you with all you need to treat every ailment effectively. Our team is always available to advise you about which products to use.

If you do not smoke and would rather use cannabis in another form, then we can help with that too. Monterey marijuana patients can try our range of edibles, oils, sprays, popcorns, infusions, concentrates, capsules, syringes, cartridges and more. Our website even has e-pens available for vapor inhalation, so that you never need to mix tobacco with your top quality weed.

A Brief History of Cannabis in Monterey

Back in the 19th century, the Spaniards brought cannabis with them and introduced it into California. They called it hemp, and during the 20th century, people began cultivating it on a small scale under the name of cannabis sativa. Marijuana is a Mexican word, and people began calling it that only late in the 20th century.

As narcotics began to affect people’s health, prohibition began. States started banning people from cultivating, possessing and using marijuana. In 1907, California prohibited the use of cannabis. It did not work as well as intended, so in 1913, there was an amendment to the first law, known as the Poison Law. Then in 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act came into being.

The California Board of Pharmacy pioneered campaigns to restrict narcotics across the country. However, over the years, the state relaxed its prohibitionist stance and eventually led other states to legalize marijuana. Although the plant is now legal in Monterey, the federal government still considers it a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act.

It is still illegal to cultivate, carry or use marijuana on federal property, but states can decide on their own if they wish to legalize or criminalize it. California now allows people to grow, possess, use and sell cannabis. It began with Proposition 215, which allowed medical patients to treat their illnesses with marijuana. The recent passing of Proposition 64 allows people to use it recreationally, as well.

There are still laws and restrictions, however. You must have a Medical Marijuana Card to buy from a licensed marijuana dispensary in Monterey. If you use it recreationally, you may only carry eight grams of concentrated cannabis or one ounce of dry weed. Furthermore, you may only grow six plants, and tax charges are high for those with a license to grow more and distribute.

Every city in California is subject the state’s marijuana laws. City councils have the right to establish their own laws regarding the commercial sale of cannabis, however. For example, some cities do not allow marijuana delivery, but Monterey is not one of them. Our medical marijuana delivery service can send your products to you within 45 Minutes.

Only Use a Licensed Cannabis Delivery Service in Monterey

Marijuana laws are not yet set in stone. They can and are changing frequently and dangerously for those growing their own. The Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act give the state authority to regulate the distribution and cultivation of medical cannabis in California. In order to do this, the law is continually evolving. Additionally, there are some concerns to overcome.

The Monterey City Council is grappling with several issues, the most prominent being an increased risk of marijuana fumes from mature plants, theft and robbery, and electrical fires. According to them, criminals are attracted to dispensaries and marijuana delivery services in Monterey. They target drivers and customers, who must protect themselves with weapons.

Although these are valid concerns, Proposition 64 lifts many restrictions. Recreational users can grow their plants, provided they adhere to the law. For medical patients, access to quality cannabis has never been easier, so long as they only use a licensed marijuana dispensary in Monterey. The danger of becoming a victim to robbers and thieves remains a real concern, however.

The safest way to get your cannabis products is to order online and get them delivered to your door. You do not need to ever visit these places and put yourself in danger. It is also the best way to adhere to the law, as many cultivators and distributors are unlicensed and operating illegally. Our cannabis delivery service in Monterey is licensed and legal, and can even help you get your own Medical Marijuana Card.

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