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Medical Marijuana Delivery Salinas

Salinas’s residents are enjoying the news of legalization. So much so, we are extending our marijuana delivery service to Salinas. If you have a doctor’s recommendation, then welcome to our Pot Valet community. All you need is a Medical Marijuana I.D. After ordering, your medicine will arrive on your doorstep within 45 minutes or less, without risk, legal worry or exposure.

Largest Range of High-Grade Cannabis Products

We have it all. With over 100 weed products to choose from, you will find whatever you are looking for. Our flowers are premium medical-grade and our strains include sativa, indica, and their hybrids. Whatever your ailment, we stock the right treatment for it. Our online marijuana dispensary has the largest catalogue available in California. Consider us your local medicine cabinet.

If you are looking for concentrated cannabis, then we have plenty to try. From oil to kief, hash, capsules, sprays, syringes, and more, you can customize your experience and treatment. We also stock edibles, including infusions, popcorn, and other delicious ingestible treats. This is particularly good news for non-smokers, but everyone can benefit from our wide array of options.

Historical Overview of Cannabis in Salinas

The history of marijuana is interesting and complicated. It came by ship in the 1600s, but the Spanish called it hemp. After select breeding, farmers started cultivating sativa in the early 20th century. It was a popular crop. Later, arriving Mexicans called it marijuana, and the name spread everywhere. Because of its widespread use, the state wanted control over its production and profits.

This is why prohibition began. It started with the enactment of the Poison Law in 1907, amended in 1913, which attempted to regulate cultivation and restrict uncontrolled use. People paid no attention to it, and because it did not achieve its goal, the state enacted the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 after the First World War. It made it more difficult for people to ignore the law.

Trouble was brewing, though. The California Board of Pharmacy wanted it banned completely. Politicians agreed because their regulatory efforts were not working very well. They initiated anti-drug campaigns to demonize cannabis and make it a dangerous narcotic. They lobbied, proposed, and eventually outlawed marijuana entirely. It was illegal for anybody to grow it, possess it, or use it.

These laws made criminals of innocents for decades, until they decided that enough was enough. A revolution was growing. More people wanted cannabis legalized and they began to demand it from the state. Such populism is infectious, and it spread enthusiastically across the United States. California led the legalization movement, and one by one, other states joined in.

Proposition 215 legalized medical cannabis for patients. Voters approved it in 1996. Those with a doctor’s letter could grow it for medicinal reasons, carry it with them, and take it as recommended. They needed a Medical Marijuana Card to prove their legal status to officials, but they were no longer criminals. Those using weed recreationally had to fight much harder and wait another decade.

In 2016, after rejecting Proposition 19 six years earlier, voters finally decriminalized marijuana for recreational users. There are legal restrictions, however. You cannot grow more than six mature weeds, and you can only possess an ounce of dry herb. Those using concentrates for enjoyment can carry eight grams on them. Nobody may distribute unlicensed and unregulated.

The federal government is a bit slower, however. It still classifies weed as a Schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substances Act. As such, it remains illegal to have any marijuana on federal land, such as parks or forests. You can go to jail, if caught. Because states enact their own ganja laws, you may have cannabis on private property throughout California.

Never Visit a Marijuana Dispensary in Salinas Again

In 2015, the State of California brought the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act to life. This gave the state complete control over all cannabis activities and regulations, but because cities can decide on their own to ban or allow commercial production and distribution, many made it illegal to operate within the city. Proposition 64 changed that. In response, regulation is very strict.

You must have a license to cultivate marijuana. To get one, you must give the state a 15 percent tax cut of your profits. Furthermore, you must comply with stringent quality control and safety measures few can meet. It is illegal to grow or distribute cannabis without a commercial license. Only buy from a legal marijuana dispensary in Salinas, as it guarantees that you will get only medical-grade quality.

Our Salinas marijuana delivery service has the license required to operate legally. We can even help you get your Medical Marijuana Card and become legal yourself. We believe in complete discretion for our patients, and you will get your orders safely and as quickly as possible.

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